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By | 4 June 2020

Full body workouts needn’t be long and arduous; in fact an effective total body sweat can be done in just 10 minutes. Now, thanks to celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels, fitting a challenging full body workout in is easier than ever as she shares her exclusive to Women’s Health 10 minute total body burn.

All you’ll need are a set of light to medium weight dumbbells – 1kg to 4kg – and a yoga mat. The workout itself is challenging and the moves change often so make sure to listen out for the transitions or watch the handy progress bar at the bottom of the screen.

1. Behind the back jumping jacks
2. Diagonal toe taps
3. Jab cross and half squats
4. Deep goddess squats
5. Sun salutes
6. Alternating donkey kicks and bear
7. Bear kicks (left side)
7. Hero push ups
8. Bear kicks (right side)
9. Renegade rows
10. Burpee rows with wide grip
11. Alternating crossover lunge with bicep curl
12.Crescent pose (left leg) with tricep kickbacks
13. Warrior 3 left side with reverse flys
14. Crescent pose right leg with tricep kickbacks
15. Warrior 3 right side with reverse flys
Post workout stretch and cool down

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7 thoughts on “10 Minute Total Body Workout with PT Jillian Michaels | Women’s Health UK

  1. ignatievamaria

    No one can make you sweat in 10 minutes like Jillian! Great feeling after the workout!

  2. Jana Kleinerova

    You have been my exercise support and trainer for over 5 years now!!!!…thank to you i look and feel still mobile and yuthfull in my 53 years old body and I THANK YOU FOR IT FROM MY HEART….hugs.Jana

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