10 Tips to Live Better – Improve Your Health Now!

By | 23 September 2019

Here are 10 simple ways to live a healthier life. Dr. Jory Basso provides 10 tips to improve your health which you can start doing right now! The ten tips to improve your health now are:
1. Move around and play
2. Move around at work
3. Stress less
4. Get more sleep
5. Get into Nature
6. Get more Sunshine
7. Laugh lots
8. Eat real food not processed
9. Drink more water
10. Decrease screen time and increase face time with real people

Want to improve your health? Of course you do! Get your health on by utilizing Dr. Jory’s health and fitness expertise! Sports Therapist, Chiropractor, Professor, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Television Health & Fitness Expert with over a decade of experience.
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32 thoughts on “10 Tips to Live Better – Improve Your Health Now!

  1. Sara Dermezian

    Get rid of stimulants such as caffeine! It effects your quality of sleep it also just adds stress to the body especially people who are more sensitive to the drug. Sugar is another one that can mess you up. I’m talking from personal experience caffeine has made me ill – I’m tired,weak all the time yet Im wide awake at night,my moods are all over the place , I get constant headaches It’s nightmare to get off due to the awful withdrawals. After so many check ups doctors agree that it’s my caffeine consumption that’s making me ill.

  2. Shahzaib 11000

    Dr I am ill from a year. there is problem in my throat. I had opreated last month.But I am feeling same pain.I am very worry about my health.

  3. TheOneLeggedWonder

    Wow cant believe this page doesn't have more subs. Prolly because people don't like hearing things they don't wanna hear. I think if people done this more expecially me would live better.

  4. Lucy Schoenberg

    For the enjoyable cardio, I kickbox! It’s super fun and it’s a great workout. I only enjoy cardio when it’s activity based. Biking trails, hiking, kickboxing, swimming all are far more fun than treadmills

  5. Sheri M

    Loved the video but would prefer not hearing the “F” word… like your eating & work outs, keeping it clean would be much appreciated!❤️

  6. Carol N Martinez-Guzman

    I was on the verge of giving up because I had a bad day and ended up emotional eating a ton of Oreos and then I saw this and thank you. I really needed this


    Please can u guide me?
    Do u work out ever day?
    Breakfast fast?
    Lunch fast?
    When do stop eating?
    I feel lost with no motivation as I can't find a excerise I wanna do as the classes aren't here that I wanna do. U.s fitness classes are better

  8. Anu.Aayurved Helth

    दोस्तों.अपने पास एक बहूत ही बेहतरीन। और लाजवाब आयूर्वेद नूस्का लेके आऐ है 7 साल के रिसर्च के बात.जिस किसी भाई बहीन के खाया पिया न लगता हो। दूबला पतला हो और जगह .जगह ,से मोटा होने सेहत बनाने कि दवा खा खा कर थक चुका हो तो एक सून्हरा मोका एक बार जरूर अजमा कर देखे शुद्ध आयूर्वेद जडी बून्टी यूक्त घर पे तैयार किया गया चूर्ण कोई साइड इफेक्ट्स नही चाहे कितने ही दीन खाओ न ही वापिस वजन कम होगा। फूल गारनँटी मात्र 15 दीन मे फर्क महसूस भूख बढेगी खाया पिया लगेगा पिचके गाल भरेगे.ताकत आऐगी.शैक्श मजबूत होगा टाइम बढेगा और मोटे ताजे सून्दर दीखोगे.और अनेक रोगो से छूटकारा गूर्दै मजबूत होगे और रोग परतीरोध्क सम्ता बढेगी ,गैस तेजाब कब्ज धात.भूख का कम लगना खाने पिने मे इन्छा न होना.और खाते पिते बहूत.हो पर लगता नही तो.आज ही सम्पर्क करे परामर्श. निशूल्क सान्दार आइटम फूल गारन्टी के साथ .कोई भाई बहीन लेने के इन्छूक हो तो सम्पूर्ण करे watspp.. And ..youtub .bhi 9549782398।नोट. कोरीयर से दवा भेजने कि सूविधाऐ उपलब्ध है

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