The Best Long and Short Terms Diet Plans

By | 10 April 2022

The Best Long and Short Terms Diet Plans

Dieting is a rollercoaster for many people. They’ve done it for years, losing and gaining the same amount of weight over and over again. Usually, the short term weight loss is due to the dieter embracing a short term diet plan.

These are commonly known as fad diets, or extreme diets. That might be something like eating nothing but cabbage soup for weeks on end, or having a concoction of hot water with lemon and chili powder in a detox solution.

These types of short term diets definitely work. There’s no way your body can hold onto anything (including muscle) when you’re starving it. There’s a better way to conduct a short term diet, and there are also long term diets that help keep the weight off for good.

If you really need to drop pounds fast, consider doing something like a Low Carb, High Protein diet. These can be done in a myriad of ways, but if you start off with a ketosis level of carb counting (under 20 grams a day), the weight will drop easily.

Then, you simply up the carbs a bit at a time so that you’re still considered low carb at under 100 grams per day, but not so extreme that you end up quitting after a few weeks and gaining the same weight back.

Or, if you really do love fasting and detoxing, try the intermittent kind. This way, you’re not starving your body for days on end, but you’re replenishing your energy while simultaneously helping your body burn calories.

If you’re not in a rush and you’d rather do it once, the right way rather than many times the wrong way, then try something simple like learning how to eat smaller portions. You can do this using a plan like Weight Watchers, where you gradually eat fewer points until you’re at a level you should be eating from that point on.

Or, learn how to use mindful eating to whittle your weight. This starts with the idea that no foods are considered bad or off limits. However, you have to learn to actually listen to your hunger cues.

That means eating only when hungry and stopping when you aren’t hungry anymore – not after you’ve gotten to the point of “stuffed.” This helps a lot of people lose weight because they aren’t in deprivation mode.

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