30 Healthy Habit Hacks You Need To Know!

By | 14 April 2020

Here a thirty tips to help get you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. How many do you already do?? πŸ™‚

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Rachel Aust

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Welcome back, babes! For my fitness beginners that want to start and don’t know where, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 steps to help you start your fitness journey and stay on track! I hope you enjoy! Please give this video a thumbs up if you like it.

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1C egg whites
Dash of pepper
Salsa to your pleasing

Protein Shake:
8OZ Carbmaster chocolate milk – available at Kroger/Smith’s
1 scoop of protein (protein I use: http://amzn.to/1XcpmtG)
Blender bottle (get yours here: http://amzn.to/1UiNokH)

Sloppy Joe:
1 package of Jenny-O Ground Turkey LEAN
1 package of sloppy joe seasoning
1/4C of water
Veggies of your choice

Protein Pancakes:
1/4C pancake batter (get yours here: http://amzn.to/24DajIN)
1/4C water
1/2 scoop of protein (protein I use: http://amzn.to/1XcpmtG)


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40 thoughts on β€œ30 Healthy Habit Hacks You Need To Know!”

  1. Everything's Peachy

    I only do the first tip but honestly guys water first thing in the morning has really helped me from overeating

    Reply ↓
  2. Diana Aleksandrova

    video: Get more sunshine everyday. Sunshine can actually boost your mood

    me in quarantine, hasn't socialized for 3 months: bRuH

    Reply ↓
  3. armandoman

    Dont drink cafeΓ―ne, shows video of thee. Thee does have caffeine in it tho.

    Reply ↓
  4. Gilgamesh

    β€œStay off electronics before bed”

    I’m fine with everything else except giving up Fate/grand order farming before I sleep

    Reply ↓
  5. Janeth Mullen

    Thanks for those tips. Personally i have been drinking water just after i wake up a long time ago and i can say it works very good.

    Reply ↓
  6. Second& Half

    Hi guys my name is Faiz I have been working out quite long I also recommend this drink for everyone name green juice it has all super foods try it I have a monthly plan here is the link http://maetrimal.com/2atZ

    Reply ↓
  7. Audrey Li

    wait she never explained what the butrition tracker app was…

    Reply ↓
  8. Death of a Salesman

    Does have to be that salt for the bath or can it be any?

    Reply ↓
  9. Bobby L

    Fuel… and so is stored fat. You're eating too frequently, your insulin doesnt have a chance to stabilize. Please dont post about nutrition when you have no clue. Look up Dr Jason Fung on YouTube

    Reply ↓
  10. multimidnight13

    Getting fit requires six things
    -Will power
    -More Pain
    That's it. That's the reality. And if u don't like it, then eat a doughnut and watch a movie marathon. I'll take my leave now.

    Reply ↓
  11. 17jun1989

    Not gonna lie, mostly why i subbed and watch your channel is coz you're soo pretty but you give great advice

    Reply ↓
  12. Sage Bran

    How do you how many calories you burn and how far to take your deficit?

    Reply ↓
  13. Zane Cybulski

    In case you wanna lose some weight, look up "Tanya Clarke Diet Book" on Google. Her advice helped me lose like 30 pounds!

    Reply ↓
  14. Moutushy Shome

    1lTrack progress( body composition, weight, height, photo-1x monthly.)
    2l set a goal
    3l planning ahead
    4l prep meal.
    5l make workout plan

    Reply ↓
  15. Corin Westra

    Water is a macro as well. Actually the most important one

    Reply ↓
  16. Vivien Heinze

    I NEED TO KNOW WHERE THAT TOP IS FROM! Literally the cutest thing i have ever seen

    Reply ↓
  17. Camillah Monte

    For this month I have to cut off – COKE (uhm)

    Reply ↓

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