6 Easy Ways To Build Muscles Fast – Know Your Needs And Alternate Your Routine

By | 7 November 2020

What is the best way to build muscles fast? It’s those muscles that we often use that become stronger and bigger. However, those muscles that we seldom use also get weaker and smaller. So you want to build muscles to be buff and look tough? There are many different ways and modalities to build and pump blood in your muscles to make them stronger and bigger. Here are tips to build muscle fast at the shortest possible time frame:

  1. Figure out your caloric need to grow bigger– Every muscle builder has different caloric needs to build their physique. It basically depends on your current weight, your gender, your age and the extent of your physical activity. What’s your current weight? Multiply it by 20. So for example, if you weigh 130 lbs., you multiple it by 20 and you’ll get 2600. That number 2600 is the amount of calories you need for a bigger muscular physique.
  2. Start your muscle building routine by pumping the big muscle groups. Training your big muscle groups is the best way to jumpstart your muscle building program. It’s these parts of your physique wherein pumping weights has the biggest and fastest muscle gains. Involve your big muscle groups workout once a week. You’ll find these big muscle groups in your back, chest and legs.
  3. Constantly change the weights you lift. Shock your muscles as you get used to lifting heavy weights. If, for example, you’ve been training with 100 pounds for your bench press, add 10 pounds after your first week of training. Basically increase the weights every week. Do the same with your other muscle groups. Progressive lifting when you workout continues the growth of your muscles. You steer clear of being complacent. With this routine, you’ll grow stronger and bigger every week.
  4. Alternate your weight-lifting workouts. If you’re working 2 body parts 3 times a day, modify your routine to 6 days a week and working on just one body part. Adjust your muscle building program to chest and biceps on Monday, and triceps and back on Wednesday, train your muscles in your chest and triceps and then biceps. Your body will build more muscle fibers and you’ll grow stronger and bigger by exercising the biceps and triceps (common muscle groups).
  5. Train using partial lifts. If you’re lifting 3 complete sets, train with only 1/3 of the lifting on the first set, 2/3 of the routine on the second set and do full lifting on the third set. Modify your lifting with a reverse of the load progression. Lift more weights on the first set, and lesser on the second and third sets.
  6. Take muscle building supplements. Along with a balanced diet for weight loss, take muscle building supplements. These supplements fill the nutritional gaps especially if you’re not getting the right amounts of nutrition from your muscle building diet. These workout supplements will coax your body to build more muscle fibers.

With these tips applied in your muscle building routine, you’ll build muscles fast making you look buff, tough and awesome.

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