7 Healthy Habits To Stay Fit & Improve Your Life

By | 20 September 2019

Here are 7 simple and healthy ways to stay fit! These practices will help you to become the best version of yourself. Creating healthy habits will help you to get into a self care routine without even having to think too much about it. The more we allow ourselves to experience wellness and a healthy lifestyle we can start enjoying a fuller life. I’m so excited for Love Your Life series!

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40 thoughts on “7 Healthy Habits To Stay Fit & Improve Your Life

  1. Natalia Jamro

    Hi! could you post a video of a short workout you do? I am looking for a structured workout video tutorial that we can just do with a yoga mat at home. like the little snippets you had of you and your friend 🙂

  2. Sally Adams

    I love the kindness you share. I am a 41 year old woman who has never ever been fit!! I smoked for 25 years and have kicked that habit 4 months ago. I am now ready to take this body out for a spin and see what I can achieve!! So far my favourite thing is to do some uncoordinated Yoga at home 🙂

  3. kimberly cales

    Also stopped drinking soda over a year ago one of the best things I’ve done can’t even drink it anymore only a sprite whenever I feel nauseous or something but even that is too much but you are awesome much love girly ❤️

  4. kimberly cales

    I love your videos so much and i used to workout so much and was fit and I lost track of it and I’m trying too get back into it and your tips are amazing!! You look like the girl from a walk to remember ❤️❤️ but your videos are so inspirational and I look up to you! Thank you for your videos and keep doing what you’re doing girl!!

  5. Monica Ravinera

    I've never wanted to try a diet In my life I'm not even joking. I just don't believe in diets even if they do work.

  6. Die Kaktusse

    Hey Carrie, thank you for spreading such a healthy mindset! Love your Channel! Keep on crushing it! 🙂 By the way, could you please let me know what's the bottle you have in the Video? Sending love and light your way! 🤗

  7. Rachel Girl

    My husband and I have lost 225 pounds combined. These tips are SO good and are things we swear by. We had to also make sure we weren’t rewarding, comforting, or celebrating with food. Once we became mindful of how much food ruled our lives, we switched to thinking of it as just fuel. It’s been a massive life changing difference.

  8. Rebecca-Lynn Quiroga

    Last time I checked class pass didn’t have many options in my city, but once they do I’ll be signing up. I’ve been waiting to forever!

  9. Denelle Bratcher

    Every time I joined a gym, I ended up poorer and heavier and discouraged. Following this advice, I cleaned up my fridge and pantry and work out at home, and I finally reached my goals. I feel great. I love working out with FB at home. Easy, cheap, convenient, and FUN (sort of. It's still hard).

  10. Neha Khatri

    Really great to hear the motivational and positive thinking advice. More videos like this helps us get into a positive mindset for fitness and in general life.

  11. Beatriz Lisud

    I'd love to hear what you think about intermittent fasting and/or multivitamins. Thanks!

    P. S. – Your workouts and fitness philosophies get me going! So real and down-to-earth. 🙂

  12. Bojana Petrašinović

    Is there a video about eating sugar? I want to know is it necessary for our body or not.
    White sugar

  13. Cinthia Garcia

    I usually workout late, any where between 7pm- 9pm. what should I eat after a late night workout before bed?

  14. Melissa Medoch

    Hey you two:) I wanted to ask if you could do a video about a vegan diet and what you think about it from the health and sports perspective? thank you for all your supportive videos and your authenticity! best wishes to you!

  15. Camirra Williamson

    by crash diets do you guys also include those "detox and cleanses" that ppl do? Like are they bad for you?

  16. Cortney Stanford

    This is great advice! Thank you for doing this video. Another thing to keep in mind is how powerful writing down your goals is! It's easy to forget or lose track of your goals if they aren't staring you in the face: on the fridge, on a cork board, on your bathroom mirror, wherever you will see them every day!

  17. Dannielle Kp

    I just wanted to say you two are my favourite health & fitness YouTubers that I have come across so far. I've been using your videos for about 6 weeks now and couldn't be more grateful for your channel! The gym is just not an environment that I enjoy but being able to get a fun and effective workout done anytime at home is so motivating. There's no excuse not to exercise with how accessible your content is. There's just so much "fluff" and forced positivity amongst so many channels all over YouTube that they all just morph into one mediocre blur. I love the simple and clean format of your videos but most of all your honesty! Stay awesome and thank you both 🙂

  18. Rachel Norton

    thank you so much for this video. I love it and I love you guys. you are helping me to rethink my relationship with food and exercise, for the first time in my life and I feel great! thank you!

  19. Lucy Menezes

    Hey, Daniel & Kelli! I've been a great fan and follower of Fitness Blender, which has made me stop going to outside gyms for working out. I feel stimulated and energized every time I start my day with FB. Your videos are awesome and they are now part of my work-out day-to-day YT library. Thanks for being there and encouraging us to keeping healthy!

  20. Oddness/Weirdness

    So glad you guys do these videos! I've stopped weighing myself or worrying about how many calories I burned in a workout and just focusing on making myself stronger without hurting myself. Since I have knee and back issues, as soon as I feel any twinges I back off and take a day or two off and that's really helped me quite a bit.

    Back in the day I was the opposite and was super in shape but also freaked out at any lbs I gained from water weight and was extremely hard on myself. I feel much better about myself these days, even though I'm not in that shape… yet!

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