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If you plan to lose a couple of extra pounds and improve your overall health, the first thing you should pay attention to is your metabolism. If it’s slow, no diet will give the desired result. Here are seven simple steps that will help you boost your metabolism and lose weight naturally. Try to make them a habit, and the result won’t disappoint you.

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Drink water and green tea 0:43

Say NO to GMO foods 1:30

Read something before going to bed 2:05

Walk more or just dance 2:50

Never skip a meal 4:08

Say NO to stress 5:45

How your metabolism works at a certain age

Your metabolism at 20 7:22

Your metabolism at 30 7:58

Your metabolism at 40 8:21

Your metabolism at 50 8:45

– If you don’t drink enough water, your body burns fewer calories, and your liver works harder to restore the water balance.
– Choose your food products wisely. Say NO to GMO foods produced with the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. They only slow down your metabolism.
– Early rising will help your body regulate biological processes that directly depend on the day/night cycle.
– You should include dairy products in your diet plan. They provide calcium to burn fat and build muscle mass.
– A sedentary lifestyle is one of your worst enemies, and any kind of physical activity speeds up your metabolism.
– Never skip breakfast as it gives you more energy than you think.
– If you often feel stressed and never let your body relax, your metabolism slows down.
– Metabolism is generally very fast at 20. You can eat a lot, and your body doesn’t even notice it.
– At 30, body systems and their processes begin to work much slower: digestion, the urge to go to the bathroom, and weight loss.
– When you hit 40, you’ll notice how the speed of your metabolism decreases remarkably. You lose a great amount of muscle mass, especially around 45.
– At 50, muscle mass is gradually replaced with fat. Your body will require considerably fewer calories than it used to.

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  1. Life of animation

    I weigh 145 pounds, sounds okay right? Well I'm 14. For every like, I will do what they asked me to do in this vid for an extra day

  2. Microbeluvr1

    Think you got it backwards. You said your body often mistakes hunger for thirst. Should be “Your body often mistakes thirst for hunger.”

  3. Terry Tompkins

    Do you have any citations for scientific studies in support of your second claim that non-organic foods reduce metabolism rate? I would be interested to see those.

  4. Devin Sorensen

    I always find it funny when videos or workout programs say "easy way to get in shape," like its that simple. The steps themselves seem pretty simple, but maintaining the motivation and commitment to pursuing fitness is no easy task. It takes months of hard training to become 'fit,' while it is very easy to slip up.

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