11 thoughts on “Australia's biggest online exercise class hosted by Active Seniors

  1. julie diaz

    Hi there taylor
    Just new to watching the active seniors exercise program on youtube. I'm finding the exercises very helpful, easy to follow & fun to do..
    Thanks to all & keep up the fantastic work

  2. Ellen B

    Thankyou, After having had both knees replaced, hip replacement and 8 titanium rods I was stiffening up. My balance is becoming worse and that brings fear of falling.

  3. Jo Lamont

    Enjoyed this as it’s raining & I can’t get out to walk.

  4. Lana Venglinsky

    Fantastic exercises. Could not do them at 11 but did them at 3 o'clock. Will be doing them again. Motivated.

  5. Margaret Jarvis

    Really great especially for people living alone!

  6. Pamela Dawson

    2300 Newcastle
    Zoom wouldn’t open even though I put in the codes, so have gone to fb


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