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Welcome to my blog site on Health and fitness. I am not a fitness guru, just an ordinary person who, after a bout of bad health realised that there is huge benefits to becoming and staying healthy. Follow along as i go about putting together the best advice and tips that i can give you. You never know we might become friends! Your tips and comments most welcome either on the contact page or direct into the comments section. Stay healthy!

Heart Health for all

Heart Health for all   5 Habits That Boost Heart Health: Taking Care Of Your Most Important Asset We may think we are doing our best with our hearts. We exercise enough and eat a basic diet. But when it comes to our heart health there are many more factors to consider. Your heart health… Read More »

Diabetes and Obesity

 Diabetes and Obesity Diabetes and Obesity Some health issues can develop at any time during your life. But the risk of being diagnosed with diabetes or becoming obese grow as you age. The risk also increases with pregnancy. Multiple pregnancies can also add to the risk. Women are more at risk of developing both diabetes… Read More »

Weight loss. Magic

Weight loss. Magic Losing weight can be a struggle for anyone and it’s not easy to do. It often feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle and you’re more likely to fail than succeed. Everyone wants to lose weight, but it feels impossible because of the sheer difficulty. That’s why people often resort to quick… Read More »

Exercises for Strong Bones

Exercises for Strong Bones Physical exercise is very important for bone health. Any form of physical activity helps to keep the bones healthier, and aids in muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Bone density or the amount of bone minerals and calcium found in our bones can be measured with a BMD (bone mineral density)… Read More »

Guide On Loosing Weight

Guide On Loosing Weight Welcome to our comprehensive guide on various methods of losing weight! Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or transform your entire physique, we’ve got you covered with a variety of scientifically proven methods that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. First up, we have the tried-and-true method… Read More »