Exercise and Workouts – Four Steps To Help You Stick to Your Exercise Plan

By | 10 October 2020

Exercise and Workouts – Four Steps To Help You Stick to Your Exercise Plan

Do you sometimes find it hard to stay on the workout bandwagon? Many people start off strong with their program, putting maximum effort into each stage of their routine. But, a short while later, they are off their routine and cannot recall the last time they were at the gym.

Often the problem is not with them; it is with their approach. Here are four steps you can take right now to improve your exercise adherence…

1. Build Change Into Your Program. The first must-do step is to make sure any workout program you are doing incorporates some level of change in the routine. If you are hitting the gym day after day doing the same workout over and over, it is only going to be so much time before you grow bored. Boredom needs to be avoided.

By adding new exercises, changing your rep ranges, adjusting the order of your exercises, or trying a new workout split on a regular basis, you will find you look forward to your sessions. Build change into your workout routine at least once every six weeks for best results.

2. Change Up Your Rep Ranges and the Amount of Weight Lifted. Speaking of change, in addition to a larger scale complete program change, you should also be adjusting your workout around throughout the week as well.

During some sessions, lift heavy utilizing a lower rep range and then in other routines, lift a lighter weight and use a higher rep range. Adjusting your rep ranges like this will help not only keep you more interested in the program but also contribute to preventing injuries as well.

You cannot lift your maximum weight every single day and expect injuries not to occur.

3. Know Your Daily Workout Goals. Going into each workout session, ask yourself what you hope to accomplish during the session? Answer this question and make sure you know the answer

If you are just mindlessly going through your workouts without any objective in mind; this is very likely what could be causing you to fall off the wagon.

4. Find Your Reason For Exercising. Finally, make sure you are taking the time to figure out your reason for exercising. What is it deep down inside of you, driving you to the gym? Look beyond simply wanting to improve your appearance. Once you can figure this out, remind yourself of this each time you are tempted to skip the gym. You might just find it makes you think twice about doing so.

If you keep these four tips in mind, you should find you have a much higher chance of sustaining your workout program and going on to see the results you desire.

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