Exercise While At Work. Stay FIT in the office!

By | 12 August 2020




Fitness Pro, Caroline Jordan, gives you her TOP tips for staying active at the office. Every little bit of movement COUNTS and it all ads up.

Use these easy in office tips and you CAN make yourself more healthy and fit:

1. Move as much as possible
2. Send a reminder to yourself to get up and drink water
3. Take the stairs.

Leave a comment below with one healthy work habit YOU have that helps keep you active at the office. Everyone has different ideas and the MORE the better! LEAVE your comment below with your healthy office habit and inspire someone else to add more health into their working world. Together we are stronger. BE a part of the movement that inspires others to incorporate MORE movement into their days. Can’t wait to read your posts this week and hear about your office stair workouts!

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since i uploaded my aliexpress try on haul yall really wanted me to make this video. i combined what i eat, with my lifestyle habits and a workout routine. the video is kind of confusing so let me break it down for you:

1. i dont have a particular diet. i eat everything and anything i want with no restrictions but i try to follow the lifestyle tips in the video. sucking in ur stomach literally helps soo much.

2. lifestyle tips will give you a flat stomach but depending on ur body type and genetics, you may need to do ab workouts to get abs. i didn’t have abs before till i did workouts (the one in the video) and when i lost weight recently my abs started to show. i haven’t worked out since like november 2018 tho lmaooooo

3. when i say ‘shrinking your stomach’ i mean if you eat a lot your stomach will get used to you eating that much, but if you gradually decrease it to smaller amount (thats still healthy) then your body is gonna get used to the new amount and it will be hard to eat more than that. most of us over eat, i definitely did but when i started to eat smaller more regular meals my stomach naturally shrunk and adjusted. its really hard for me to binge eat now.

hope this helps! im not saying eat less by any means you just gotta watch yo self luv. also my metabolism is pretty normal, it slowed down when i hit puberty lol.

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23 thoughts on “Exercise While At Work. Stay FIT in the office!

  1. miguel castro

    how do you call that kind of shoes? active shoes? do you recommend any brand/model available online?
    good tips!

  2. Bqby_ Mxdds

    The only thing I took away from the vid: 1. DRINK AS MANY GALLONS OF WATER YOU CAN. 2. STARVE YOURSELF. 3. STOP STAYING UP TILL 2:30am.

  3. Music Is My Life

    My motabalism (I probably spelled it wrong) is really fast and that actually makes me gain weight a lot. There's a specific diet for that and Im pretty sure nothing works BUT the diet lol (I don't do it lol but I know it works)

  4. ปั้มไลค์

    Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  5. Alise Sutherland

    it's also about genetics, i'm not saying that anyone can't achieve abs, it's just that naturally slimmer ppl could achieve these results faster than any other body type

  6. Rxbelz

    Did y’all know that drinking out of a water bottle the plastic has a chemical that doesn’t let you lose weight it helps you gain weight so if you can here’s a tip try to pour the water out on a cup or something instead of drinking straight from the water bottle because the plastic could have some thing that could help you gain weight if you wanna gain weight that’s a good way but if you’re trying to lose weight I recommend not drinking straight from the water bottle the plastic has something in it you can search it up if you want to!!!

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