Fitness for the over 50's – Increase Flexibility

By | 5 August 2019

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Join respected coach Nancy Marmorat for stretching exercises and gentle gymnastics to increase your flexibility and help get you back on form.

Nancy Marmorats experience coaching people of all age groups has inspired her to devise a specially-adapted keep-fit programme for people aged over 50.

In this DVD, Nancy takes you through a complete series of easy stretching exercises which dont require any special equipment. These will make your joints more supple, tone up your muscles, and give you a feeling of well-being in your daily life. The exercises are designed to keep you in peak physical condition and to prevent the painful joints and muscular tension often associated with growing older. The gentle gymnastic exercises will also help improve your sense of balance.

Nancys keep-fit programmes are known around the world, and now you can take advantage of her expertise in the comfort of your own home, with detailed instructions and clear, easy-to-follow demonstrations at every stage.

The programme is divided into 6 sections :

The warm-up
Stretching the lower limbs
Stretching the torso and neck
Stretching the upper limbs
Floor exercises
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5 thoughts on “Fitness for the over 50's – Increase Flexibility

  1. Binny Lane

    This video stops a couple of minutes in goes to an ad and then switches to another video, pointless!

  2. Rachida Serroukh

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  3. Ali Raza

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