Football – 6 Best Strength Exercises with VERNON DAVIS – Sports Workout

By | 8 December 2019

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6 Best Strength Exercises for Football


HOW: With feet hip width apart and toes pointing forward, keep the lower back slightly arched and have a little bend in the knees as the hips flex while you bow forward in a slow and controlled manner. Once you feel the deep stretch in the hamstrings, you’ll want to quickly spring back into the top position, extending the hips and squeezing the glutes at the end.

WHY: This is used to help target the hamstrings, glutes and lower back – usually referred to as the “posterior chain”. Utilizing a slow and controlled eccentric contraction and an explosive concentric contraction, this exercise is excellent to build strength and explosive power in the hamstrings.


HOW: Step up to a box about a foot away with feet hip width or wider apart. Bring yourself down into about a quarter squat and while explosively extending the hips and knees, use the arms to swing and create some momentum to help propel yourself up onto the box. Once you land with a slight bend in the knees, you’ll want to get full extension of the hips and knees and squeeze the glutes at the top. Step down after each rep and repeat.

WHY: Considered a plyometric exercise, the box jumps exert maximum force in short intervals and in turn will increase the power in the legs, which will help with speed and strength.


HOW: Get low and drive through the legs while keeping the spine straight and rigid, also make sure the shoulders are depressed and arms flexed. Consider this a unilateral leg press done in a quick manner.

WHY: This is an excellent full body exercise targeting the quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, shoulder girdle and the list goes on. The benefits of the sled push are endurance and power.


HOW: Once you choose your ladder drill you’ll want to first work on the coordination of the movement. Start slow and gradually increase the speed over time. Start with a relatively simple drill at first and increase the difficulty as you progress in your coordination and quickness.

WHY: Used to increase foot speed, agility, coordination and overall quickness.


HOW: Step up and grab the ropes while leaving a little slack in them. With a shoulder width stance and quarter squat to help engage the core and lower body muscles, quickly bring each arm up and down, hinging from the shoulder joint in an alternating motion. Perform this motion as fast as you can for the allotted time.

WHY: With a tool like battle ropes, so many exercises are at your finger tips, and you’ll feel the benefits right away. Working on muscular endurance, power and coordination, it’s no wonder why these are included in almost every athletes arsenal.


HOW: Bring your hips to the edge of a bench or box, make sure your trunk is in free motion. Have a workout partner hold your lower body down, or if you don’t have a workout partner, find somthing to anchor your legs with. Hold your spine straight in an isometric contraction for the allotted time.

WHY: WE’RE WORKING YOUR CORE! Jokes aside, the core is something every athlete needs to build strength and endurance in. It’s the glue that will help hold everything together, and planks of any form are one of the best exercises to perform.

Buff Dudes Sports Workout – Football – Written by Brandon. Directed/Edited by Hudson.

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