Full Strength / Weight Training Plan for Women

By | 27 October 2019

Please READ this box for more Info. This is a Full 6 Weeks Weight Training Plan to help reduce your body fat and lean up. Instead of the traditional strength training, this workout plan is based on Supersets. Superset training is designed to increase your metabolic rate, heart rate and tone the muscles by decreasing the rest period between sets. Please watch the video for the full workout and step by step guidance.

Benefits of Superset Training:
1) Increase your Metabolic Rate
2) Increase your Heart Rate
3) Greater Calories Burned
4) Greater Afterburn
5) Reduce Body Fat
6) Leaner Body

Weight Training Goal: Reduced Body Fat & Leaner Body in 6 weeks!

One superset has 2 exercises. Perform 10 repetitions for each exercise. Do the 2 exercises listed together with no rest in between, and repeat each superset for a total of 3 rounds. Once you have completed the 1st superset, continue with the next superset with no more than 1-minute rest time in between supersets. There are a total of 4 supersets for each workout session.

Workout Schedule: 4 times weekly (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)
*If you can’t fit 4 times in, do 3 times or 2 times at minimum.

Workout Duration: Approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Equipments: Dumbbells
1) A pair of light weight between 2-4kgs each.
2) A pair of medium weight at 5-7kgs each.

For best Results:
1) Stick closely to this workout plan (especially the short rest time)
2) Eat a clean and balanced diet.
3) Perform 20 – 30 minutes of cardio at the end of each session.

Additional Tips:
1) You may record the weights you used at the start of the plan, and at the end of 6 weeks, increase the weights slightly to prevent plateau.
2) Take a picture of yourself prior to starting the plan, this way, you can compare and see the results after 6 weeks.
3) Always keep yourself hydrated before, during and after the workout.
4) Set up the exercises prior to performing them. This way, you don’t waste any time preparing the exercises while working out.
5) For those who are new to this workout, you can start with 2 rounds per superset and increase it to 3 rounds as you get stronger.

All the best! =)

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40 thoughts on “Full Strength / Weight Training Plan for Women

  1. Strength Training

    Just a quick tip for people, if you can possibly do it try and get protein from food instead of powders and supplements

  2. Azra Fanoos

    Awsome!to the point and v useful. I m gonna start it today and give an update may be after some time

  3. carrie cox

    started on friday but man 3 rounds in the super sets and i am beat but off to cardio i go
    easy one today punch the bag for 30 minutes

  4. Sara Gr

    Oh .. joana thnx aloot my dear i was looking for something like this i started getting tired of moving between videos for each muscle thnx again ❤❤😍

  5. Winsly Jes

    Helo mam,am winsly from india.am 20 and my weight is 35 but am very short in height i have tried many to to gai weight but i dint increase my height and weight..and my marriage is planned in january..can u plzzz help me to increase my height and weight…plzzzzz mam

  6. PictureFit

    I'm thinking about doing small quiz/questionnaire based on each video for prizes. What do you guys think?

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    But u can only grow muscle if ur getting stronger😂😂😂😂 how can you be strong but have no muscle doesnt make scence

  9. Zen Ah Go Gaming

    That's false. I'm a twig and there's only one person in my grade and he never stops working out (hes a body builder/meathead)

  10. Anthrax in your mailbox

    I got big arms but a buddy of mine with way smaler arms is a loot stronger than i am, big arms meaing that i got large defined biceps and triceps not just a fat blob like some people got

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