Healthy Snacks Recipe for Weight Loss | Indian Vegetarian Low Fat Snacks Recipe to Lose Weight Fast

By | 18 June 2020

सिर्फ 2 चीज़ों से बनाएं Healthy Snacks Recipe for Weight Loss Diet. If you want to lose weight fast, watch this Hindi video to know how to make vegetarian evening snacks with low fat.

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This veg recipe for weight loss contains oats and bottle gourd as main ingredients. It is very simple and easy Indian recipe for cooking at home. You can eat it as snacks, or in lunch or dinner. These healthy recipes will keep your weight loss mission in control. is a Free Hindi Life Changing Videos Channel to raise your Success and Happiness level on various subjects like motivation inspiration and self help plus personality development by Ts Madaan. This channel also shows health videos by Ms Pinky Madaan and Free English Videos by various Indian trainers like Awal, Neeru Malik, Suresh Kumar and many more.
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This Sattvic Bhojan, a healthy platter put together by Ajeeth Janardhananan, Executive Chef, and Dr. Anitha Manoj, Assistant Spa Manager at the Raviz Resort and Spa Ashtamudi, Kollam, would help you give a delicious makeover to the monsoon diet.

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38 thoughts on “Healthy Snacks Recipe for Weight Loss | Indian Vegetarian Low Fat Snacks Recipe to Lose Weight Fast

  1. jasmine sareen

    Hey I tried ur recipe …I was so worried ki kaise banega….thoda batter bnaya maine….but it works so well….n it's very easy ….fir dubara se bnaye kebabs….love it

  2. jyoti bhandari

    Recipe dikhne m hi ymmmi lg rhi
    Ma'am agr non- sticky na use kru to kya twa m y bn skte h.

  3. Chetan Jain

    Very good recipe….some variation if I have created these recipes( for first two )are …

    1. Buttermilk : black salt, roasted Jeera powder, roasted /fried whole black pepper that will come on the surface of buttermilk glass … garnish …fresh green coriander leafs with their small (not hard)branches chopped, a small cherry ..the fruit in between and the branch will touch on to the glass

    2. Sprouts : instead of urad's sprout…small desi Chana sprouts with some steam in open utensil, with some more veggies if u desire…, Roasted peanuts / mungfali dana, some roasted sesame seeds ……to garnish ….fresh chopped green Coriander leafs with soft branches, some pomegranate sprinkled, some kish- mish sprinkled, a lichi at the top in-between the sprouts plate

    Creative food is like Meditation…..U can have the beginning of creative ideas in cooking n garnishing..but u can not have the end of creative ideas on chef's Table….. as Meditation don't have any end…. I can write atleast 5 pages on to this video n recipe… but that will also be insufficient……to be continued…to …. infinity…..

  4. Avi Mehenwal

    I am trying to eat 2 times a day, but this made me instantly hungry XD Seems like today is going to be a cheat day

  5. Dime Barlak

    If all of the western chefs come together they cannot get those explosion of flavors, amazing everyone should learn ayurveda in school globally…

  6. deep blue

    Is sprouts really satvik food?..!!.. Sprouting time attracts micro organisms and increased chemical activity in the seeds..

  7. Dagmara Pulawska

    Beautiful and healthy recipes but not sattvic…Why do you advertise as sattvic? Why not call it healthy …it will not make people confused 🙏🙏🙏

    I still enjoy your recipes very much…and the cook, such a lovely man 🙏

  8. LL Raymond Punithan

    I wonder whether if presenter and the cook,
    eat what they cook ,
    They do not look that slim 🙂

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