Indian Weight Loss Lunch Recipes| How to lose weight fast | Indian Weight Loss Lunch Recipes

By | 25 May 2020

Indian Weight Loss Lunch Recipes| How to lose weight fast | Indian Weight Loss Lunch Recipes

Quick Weight loss with Lunch | Weight Loss Lunch Recipes | Lose 10kgs in a month

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pindi chole recipe:
moong dal idli recipe:
handvo recipe:
sprout salad recipe:
mix dal recipe:
dal paratha recipe:


pindi chole recipe | pindi chana masala | how to make chole pindi masala with detailed photo and video recipe. a classic punjabi delicacy curry recipe made with soaked chickpeas and blend of spices. the recipe is unique and flavourful as it made with freshly grounded spices and ginger julienne. it tastes amazing as a side dish to roti, naan bread or bhature, but also tastes great with jeera rice. pindi chole recipe | pindi chana masala | how to make chole pindi masala with step by step photo and video recipe. punjabi cuisine is known for its rich and spicy curries offered as a side dish for flatbreads. more often it is either a paneer based or meat based curries with a cream toppings. but this recipe is a traditional kabuli chana based curry popularly known as pindi chole recipe.

moong dal idli recipe | green gram idli | moong dal ki idli with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and healthy alternative breakfast or idli recipe made with green gram lentil. it is perhaps one of the easy idli recipes as it is made with just moong dal batter without any urad dal combination. the dish can be consumed by itself as it does contain all the necessary spices in it but can be served with green chutney. moong dal idli recipe | green gram idli | moong dal ki idli with step by step photo and video recipe. idli recipes are very common across india and are made with different ingredients. generally, it is made with the combination of rice and urad dal which makes a soft and moist white idli. but then there are other variations like moong dal idli recipe which can be an ideal alternative for the traditional ones.

handvo recipe | how to make gujarati handvo recipe | mixed dal handvo with detailed photo and video recipe. a healthy and tasty mixed lentil vegetable cake recipe from the popular gujarati cuisine. it is generally prepared from lauki or bottle gourd combined with mixed lentil dough and baked till it attains cake-like texture. it is generally served with spicy green chutney for breakfast and snacks. handvo recipe | how to make gujarati handvo recipe | mixed dal handvo with step by step photo and video recipe. gujarati cuisine has to offer myriad colourful recipes which can be easily relished for breakfast and dinner. generally, it is either prepared with besan or perhaps with a combination of lentils. one such healthy and a popular baked recipe similar to the cake recipe is vegetable based handvo recipe.

sprout salad recipe | how to make moong bean sprout salad – weight loss recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a quick and easy healthy salad recipe made with freshly sprouted moong beans with finely chopped herbs and tomatoes. it is an ideal weight loss which is made by just mixing the ingredients without any cooking process involved. the salad can be perfectly shared as side to your lunch or dinner meal or can served as it is. sprout salad recipe | how to make moong bean sprout salad – weight loss recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. salad recipes are generally served for purpose which is either weight loss or with dietary requirements. obviously these recipes are not a popular choice and are consumed with an intention. however, there are some salad recipes which are pure fun to consume and moong bean sprout salad recipe and is tasty and healthy.

mix dal recipe | mix daal recipe | how to make mix dal fry with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular lentil based curry prepared mainly with the 4 different lentil varieties, i.e toor, masoor, chana and moong dal. mix daal fry can be very good alternative compared to the traditional dal fry or dal tadka recipe which is generally prepared just one lentil. it can be either served with rice / jeera rice or for roti / chapati / naan.

dal paratha recipe | dal ka paratha | chana dal paratha recipe with a detailed photo and video recipe. a healthy and tasty protein-rich lentil based bread recipe or paratha recipe. the lentil stuffing is mainly prepared channa dal which not only makes it tasty, but also provides much-required protein to the diet. these paratha’s are ideal bread recipe to be served for dinner and can be relished with simple curd or pickle recipes or any north indian curries.
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  1. Let's cook something

    Jab Mujhe khana khane ka man karta hai I drink only 1 cup green tea my weight loss 😂😂😂

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    If White rice is not good for weight loss then why idli which made ultimatly from white rice is good?

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  8. Swati Singh

    To make these healthier, which is there purpose, we should avoid banking soda and also instead of eno we can leave the Dal paste over night for fermentation and then add the veggies

  9. englishismust

    amazing video- healthy+ tasty recipes- could nott resist myself to watch another recipe…

  10. ajay rathore

    I have 1 healty and Easy Recipe for Breakfast-

    Try kro bht mast hai.

    Moong ko raat m pani m bhiga do.

    Subha usko grind kr lo
    Smooth paste ban jayega.

    Uske baad usme Chopped onion, tomatoes, capsicum, paneer cubes, green chilli, dhaniya, salt, red chilli powder daal de.

    Fir usko omelette ke jaise bht kam oil m non- stick pan pe bnaye.
    Pudine ki chutney ke sath serve kre

    1 baar zarur try kre.

  11. Sadashiv Prasad

    If u have given the information about how much it contains of protein n all it has been more awesome

  12. priyanka choudhary

    I tried the moong daal idli and it turned out to be delicious. Thank u for the recipes

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    really like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it.
    You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it sensible.
    I cant wait to read much more from you.

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