Jane Fonda: Fit & Strong Workout- Level 1

By | 16 October 2019

Jane Fonda: Fit & Strong Workout- Level 1 is a 25-minute, metabolism-boosting workout that targets all of the major muscle groups of the body to burn fat, strengthen the core, improve posture, and tone the arms, legs, abs, butt, shoulders, chest, and back through a unique combination of cardio and low intensity strength-training exercises. Prepare to sweat as you engage your abs and challenge your core with Iconic Fitness Expert, Jane Fonda as you build lean muscle throughout the upper and lower body. Start with a gentle stretching routine to prevent injury and get your body ready for action before joining Jane in this robust, total-body workout routine, followed by a soothing cool down series that will maximize results and leave you looking and feeling your best. Learn how to build definition in your biceps and triceps, tighten your abs, and tone your obliques in this effective segment from Jane’s “Fit & Strong” Fitness DVD that will lubricate your joints and blast away the pounds. Work out with one of the best right from your very own living room. You will kick-start the heart rate with this aerobic routine that is sure to keep you burning calories long after it is over. You will need a chair, light hand weights, a towel, and a bottle of water to complete this low impact routine that involves stretching, weight training, cardio, and abdominal exercises. This workout is great for all ages and skill levels. For more workouts from Jane Fonda, Click here: http://bit.ly/HCEl8M

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3 SUPER exercises to keep fit

3 SUPER exercises to keep fit
Only 3 of exercises:
1. Standard bridge + bridge on one leg
2. Planck ulnar + side dynamics
3. Side Plank + three kinds of strides feet

What should pay attention to during the workout:
– Lift the hips and for one second linger in the upper position when the buttock muscles are strained to the limit. In this case, the return will be maximized.

– Engage in a fast pace.

– Do 7-8 repetitions on each side.

Perform regularly, and you will enjoy immediate result!
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20 thoughts on “Jane Fonda: Fit & Strong Workout- Level 1

  1. hew195050

    I come back to your workouts over and over and over again. No one has workout programs like yours. Thank you Jane Fonda

  2. Sharon Frost

    I love this I have a bad lumbar and muscles in leggs pulling ao I couldn't get out of bed without help have been doing this workout for months and it does keep my pain controlled most of the time thanks for another great workout for lumbar and muscle issues it helps I have done your videos for years I am 70 now and I am trying to stay on my feet

  3. Carolina Ichazo

    Thank you Jane, you help me to have back a nice body when I had my first daughter, know many years after I'm happy to back to your routine.

  4. Margaret

    The more I do this with you, the easier it is and the stronger I become. I think I'm almost ready for Level 2. Yay! Thank you, dear Jane!

  5. Nita Figueroa

    Perfect! I'm seeing a chiropractor. She only suggests, "keep moving and a few stretches." Jane covered my whole body to relieve joint pain and stiffness. And I don't need much space. She is encouraging and reminds you to keep breathing. I remember why growing up, mom said. "Watch your posture."

  6. J. Taires

    thank you so much jane ~ and thank you for the congrats at the end ~ 65 i'm gonna do this now w you <3 you precious woman : )

  7. Eu Sei

    I just wish she did not talk so much. After the 20th time doing this routine you just want her to shut up!

  8. Janet von Gumppenberg

    Starting "with Jane" at age 80, and love the gentle and thorough workouts. A tip for some seniors, for Mozilla Firefox I added "Video-Speed Controller" add-on and can now do the workouts at MY pace, namely, 80% of what is considered "normal" around here. I claim that ALL videos play at inhuman speed . . . .

  9. Diane Peake

    You are such an inspiration!!! When I saw that you had another workout I thought it would be too tough for me. Wrong! Thank you.

  10. Judith Wiley

    Jane! I just love your workouts! I am one of the baby boomers who started out with your first workout program. You have been a pioneer in the industry and one we can trust with out workouts. Now, at age 66, I am starting out again with your BeFit #2. Love it already. Getting myself back in shape! Thank you and God Bless You!

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