Lose Weight Fast At Home With Your Body

By | 1 December 2020

The thought of making the time and effort to drive to the gym after a whole day of works is demotivating. Let’s face it, you will feel totally unmotivated to train in the gym after a long day of working. What if you are someone busy and barely have the time to even train?

That’s why home is a good way for you to lose weight fast if you know how to. There are just two simple formula when it comes to lose weight fast at home with just your body.

1.) Train with maximum intensity in the shortest time possible

2.) Eat with the right eating system

Yes, it is just that easy to lose weight fast at home. But here’s the catch: It may sound easy, but it may not be easy to execute.

You need to be equipped with knowledge so that you maximise the advantage of the two formulas. Otherwise, it will be hard to lose weight without setting the two formulas as the holy grail to lose weight fast at home.

When you are at home, you need to train with maximum intensity. Forget about traditional way of running on treadmill or doing slow jog. Truth is, they burn only a small amount of fat. And the fat burning process stops when you stop the exercise. So if you want to lose weight fast the whole day, are you going to run on the treadmill or do slow jog the whole day?

That’s why it is very important to train with the right exercises in the shortest time possible to switch on the fat burning hormone on automation. What does it means? It simply means to burn fat even in your sleep. You need to focus on exercises that trigger the larger group of muscle such as the chest, back and leg. By training exercises that target those big muscle group, you will burn more fat. That’s when the intensity comes in. Train for at most 25 minutes a day, and increase the intensity in that 25 minutes by doing more repetitions and sets. A final note on training: maximum intensity means doing it at a fast pace, not slow pace.

When it comes to losing weight fast at home, there’s a fact that you need to know:

–> 80% is in the kitchen, 20% on the exercise.

Prepare food that is less greasy and oily to lose weight fast. Ultimately, you will want to consume more vegetables and proteins. Here is a good indication of how much is the portion for each meal. A fist size of carbohydrates, vegetables and proteins respectively. This is for one meal. Strive to eat 5 meals a day when it comes to losing weight. Instead of having a big portion 3 times a day, break down it to 5 meals a day, each with a smaller portion. It is because when the food is consumed at a large portion at one go, the body cannot process that much of food nutrients and will end up store as fat. That’s the last thing you want to do when it comes to lose weight fast at home.

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