Osteoporosis Exercises for Spine Strength and Posture

By | 17 August 2019

Osteoporosis exercises for spine strength and posture with Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway from http://www.pelvicexercises.com.au These osteoporosis exercises strengthen the middle back and aim to improve bone health and prevent osteoporosis vertebral fractures by improving your posture and spine strength.

These exercises for osteoporosis help you improve your posture and strengthen your postural muscles to help you stand tall and prevent slumping forwards. The specific strengthening exercises for your middle back promote good posture, improve bone health and reduce the likelihood of osteoporosis related vertebral fractures of the middle back

For more osteoporosis exercises see Michelle’s You Tube video on osteoporosis exercises for hip strength at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iL9_PQCnJw or refer to Michelle’s Bone Fit for Beginners DVD http://www.pelvicexercises.com.au/pelvic-exercise-products/pelvic-exercise-dvds/osteoporosis-exercises-physiotherapist-dvd/
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22 thoughts on “Osteoporosis Exercises for Spine Strength and Posture

  1. E vL

    These mid pack posture exercises are so much better than I got from my PT. I can do these without engaging my neck and ? upper trapezius. Thank you!

  2. surekha kokate

    madam can you make video for muscular dystrophy patient. …for spinal care please. …thanks

  3. Cindy Bennett

    Great exercises and knowledgeable gal but is it me or does is sound like she is saying that you can sit on a stool or a "pitbull"????

  4. Margaret Bailey

    Michelle, since these exercises are done with weighs, should they be done every other day or everyday. Thank you for your information.

  5. laura Calci

    Following your exercises for spine strength but, I cannot get the sound. What can I do to get sound? Please help, these are excellent.

  6. Joanna Nguyen

    Thanks Michelle for this video. what Do you recommend the size of dumbbells that I can use since I just started?

  7. Pamela Curtis

    Michelle I have been searching for these exercises.I have advanced osteoporosis with multiple lumbar fractures and a lot of discomfort and a 5 pound limit for lifting. Glad I found you.

  8. ReSa Chase

    Im waiting go spine specialist, idk what to do i got fractred L5 and broke tailbone but aftr 9 months discovered something about the way my tailbone is broke so they said hold off in exercise. im in so much pain. im wondering if my L4 went down cause of there stupidy.

  9. Montery12

    Ms. Kenway:  Patients in your care that you knew had been diagnosed with having spondylosis; will you still adjust the low spine and will it be safe to do so.  Please explain.

  10. Carla Rosenblum

    Michelle,  Thank you so much for this information.  I am very interested in the exercises for Spine Strength.  I checked outwww.pelvicexercises.com.au….but isn't that just pelvic exercises.  How may I tap into more information for spine strength.The video cut off before you were able to demonstrate the third exercise on the mat?  I would be happy to purchase a CD if one is available?  I just had a bone density test and have significiant spinal bone loss and am on a mission to improve this.Thank you so much, Carla

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