Senior Fitness – 99 year old keep fit teacher – Lesson 1

By | 30 September 2019

Senior Fitness
Exercise for the Over 60’s
Taught by Liesel Weiser, 99 Years old
Exercise teacher for the last 77 years
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19 thoughts on “Senior Fitness – 99 year old keep fit teacher – Lesson 1

  1. naina dewani

    Doing yoga since 40 years. Going to gym since 6 years. But I have knee pain and cervical pain after retirement. But I want to do as per my pain also.

  2. Activate My Fitness

    Bravo! She is so inspiring! I'm 59 and hope I can keep leading fitness & dance for another 40 years!

  3. Heike Mueller

    I lift my hat ! Your are such an example ! Thank you so much ! You are still very beautifull-inwardly and outwardly. I do hope you are still well.

  4. Sherry Von

    A seat and stick at least 36 inches long needed. Oldest exercise teacher I've ever seen. May she and everyone else LIVE FOREVER. (Via technology it may be possible in the near future. Also see Aubrey de Grey, Zoltan Istvan, U.S. Transhumanist Party, Ray Kurzweil.)

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