Strength Routine Runners Need!

By | 12 December 2019

We think you’ll agree…this is one strength routine runners NEED!
Try incorporating this routine of just *three* exercises once a week!

01:19 – Reverse Lunge
03:58 – Running Dead Bug
06:48 – Single Leg Box Hop

Workout – 09:28
– 20 x Reverse Lunge
– 1 minute of Running Dead Bug
– 2 minutes of Box Hopping (switch directions halfway through)
Rest 1 minute
Repeat for a total of 4 sets!

More on Physical Therapist, Charlie Merrill:
Owner of Merrill Performance (
Instagram: @charliemerrill

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Let’s take a look at the Strength Training Activity/App and Automatic Rep Counting for Garmin wearables (fenix 5/Forerunner 935/VivoActive 3/VivoSmart 3). Does it actually work?

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40 thoughts on “Strength Routine Runners Need!

  1. Snakes and Lightning

    Great routine! Off-topic question: where did Charlie get those rad shorts?

  2. Perrin Smith

    Is it bad that my lower back pops every time I extend a leg during the dead bug?

  3. macy bee

    Hi, what diet should we be looking into if we're looking into these types of exercises?

  4. Yuva Surya Reddy

    This workouts uses before running or after running pls tell me bro

  5. 草莓 Strawberii

    i injured myself trying the first one LMAO

    edit: i can barely stand up after the first exercise what’s wrong with me

  6. Zeke631

    That girl in the back with the barbell is really getting it in. I'm curious as to what that targets and how long should you hold the weight.

  7. John Gardner

    This is excellent, non-traditional stuff that has a solid basis in PT. Thanks guys!

  8. Rod

    My gym is fartlek training on a track over hills, which will develop power and strength three times better than a bunch of generic gym exercises. Want to get strong and fast at running – RUN. It is strength development at your lactate threshold, doubling your training effect.

  9. Ron Ron

    i tore my right acl (complete) and its been month since i started to jog again.. cant sprint for now..will it be safe to do the box hop?

  10. Barish Tugrul

    Hello! Thanks a lot for these wonderful exercises. I just wonder if they would be beneficial for someone who has just recovered from posterior shin splints?

  11. chris sandoval

    Lol those reverse flys that you do are incredible! I could never get my arms to go behind my back like that!

  12. Gerardo Covarrubias

    Hi @DesFit, great video. Is it possible to have the list of workouts and simply select on your Garmin which exercise you're going to do before you start each set?

  13. E620SE

    as you have to push the button so often, does it wear out after a few years?

  14. George M. Chitaru

    I guess you'd be better off without any automatic Rep Counting and just stick to a traditional manual input in a dedicated Gym Tracking app. Garmin is the leader when it comes to Gym Workouts, but not even them can make this a completely automated process. It's just too much to ask for a Watch with some motion sensors in it.
    Just use the watch for the Heart Rate and SPO2 readings while working out. And leave the rep counting aside, or use another app for that as I mentioned.

    Thank you DesFit for this review! Seeing how much you struggled with the automatic rep counting here, I concluded that this should not be a decisive feature for a Fitness Tracker.

  15. C Jay

    This is EXTREMELY helpful . i wish somebody did this on the galaxy watch. Question: is this the same software as the garmin marq watches?

  16. markhamonline_

    Can you design your own workout for the Vivoactive 3 and just follow that to circumvent its inability to identify the particular exercise you are doing?

  17. foxxmufasa

    The heart rate monitor is extremely inaccurate with strength training. Are chest strap monitors more accurate here?

  18. Robert Naus

    no idea how you still alive after those reverse flyes in this video, not even kidding.

  19. Colby Lee

    When a video is so detailed it actually hurts the review of the product.

  20. USS Spirit

    So do you have to choose the exercise before every set? That would be so horrible and totally ruin my pace and concentration. frankly I just want something that counts calories based on my profile and heart rate. That's it. Any recommendations?

  21. Gloria Xu

    i've been hesitating about upgrading my fitbit charge 2 to a garmin vivoactive 3 and i think your video just convinced me

  22. Marc Steingrand

    hello looks goos a quaick question , once I have adeded all my actaivities like bench pres etc etc , does it remember them for the next time when I hit the gym , or do I have to add all again menaing weigt reps etc etc..

  23. misterx123456

    But how can you see a report of your progress with weights? example: see how your max squat is overtime?


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