Strength Training For Trail Runners | 3 Exercises

By | 4 October 2019

Strength Training For Trail Runners | 3 Exercises

Strength training for trail runners! Trail runners need to be strong too!

Folks on the trail will encounter rocks, roots, and more. So they can use a little extra help in some specific areas!

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15 thoughts on “Strength Training For Trail Runners | 3 Exercises

  1. Benjamin King

    great idea for the single leg hop. I tore my ankle almost a year ago and I still feel weakness there after doing strength training. definitely adding in a single leg hop

  2. Mike M

    while i have certainly incorporated these movements into my workout regimen, i'll have you know that i subscribed bc of the mustache, clearly.

  3. mujin70

    For the single leg hops, do you bend your planted foot at all or do you want to keep it straight? I assume somewhere in the middle, right?

  4. M. B.

    Thanks for your vids. In german there are not that many good vids available. So thank you for creating vids which are understandable for non native speakers , too 😉 Thanks!

  5. M. B.

    for the step up…what would be a good hight of the box? So which angle should be between lower and upper leg? I could imagine that a too tight angle would rise the pressure on the knee to an unhealthy maximum. And if the angle is too large the exercise might not be that effective how it could be?

  6. Carolyn Spencer

    Love the video. On the mobility exercise – can you suggest an initial stretch/exercise that can get me to a point where I can even attempt that??? I have seriously tight hips from way too much road running. Thanks.

  7. C Miclat

    Nice video, what other gym workouts do you enjoy because you do have a nice build and that takes more work than step ups : ) especially if you run a lot.

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