STRENGTH vs SIZE Workouts | Which Training is BEST?

By | 9 September 2019

STRENGTH vs SIZE Workouts | Which Training is BEST?
Watch us try wrestling with gold medalist, Erica Wiebe, on the Olympic Channel:

Building size and strength is something most want to achieve. What’s the best way of doing it and what’s the difference between training for size and training for strength? Let’s find out!

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20 thoughts on “STRENGTH vs SIZE Workouts | Which Training is BEST?

  1. Buff Dudes

    How many Buff Dudes does it take to upload a video? More than two, apparently. Thanks for pointing out the previous upload was screwed up with no sound – hope this one works for everyone! And if you wanna check out our episode where we take on a gold medal Olympian be sure to watch it HERE: – Have a good weekend, STAY BUFF!!!

  2. No Go

    What about if you progressive overload on number of reps on the weight you used like for example you got 10 reps instead of 8 I’d consider that overload as well right?

  3. Brian T

    How about the big guy in the background with the white shirt about 8 minutes in doing stiff legged cable crunches while standing? My back hurts just watching

  4. Freddy Gwynne

    Love you dudes: great advice, you both have great physiques but are humble and don't take yourselves too seriously either. Subbed!

  5. Dominick Alleman

    Bench pressing on a kids bench press set for size is pretty πŸ˜† funny!!! The ending of the video is hilarious.

  6. Okuma 4runner

    You guys are amazing!!! I'm glad your bro is recovering well. That last set killed meπŸ˜…πŸ˜…. One question though. When doing pyramids sets what is more important? The weight or finishing the sets? I'm currently doing your dumbell only plan and love it.

  7. J B

    I have been searching for 3 days , all day long for the right info so I can begin my journey. I really like Athlean X. But I really really like what I'm seeing on your channel as well. Plus you , your brother and I could be triplets cause we all look very similar. I really appreciate this video , now I finally understand what I want to do. plus you guys are really hilarious and super fun to listen to. Thank you so ,so much !!!!

  8. onyx trends

    Muscle growth comes from stressing the muscle while muscle is extended. Not "sometimes this, sometimes that".

  9. Ella Mafua

    Hey buff dudes appreciate videos very informative. I would really love to buy one of your training books. Where do I go to order one.

  10. Johnny Simmons

    What the hell has happened to the lifting world? I have admittedly been out of the gym for several years and recently decided to start back. I used to live for it…Now when exactly did man buns make there way to the sacred Iron house? Back when I was under construction guys like that taught yoga.

  11. Sandman552

    So basically, Hypertrophy= more sets, moderate weight, with smaller breaks, while Strength=less sets, heavy weight, with longer breaks?

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