The Best Exercise for Your Weight Loss?

By | 24 October 2020

The Best Exercise for Your Weight Loss?

Hi there, Have you ever wondered, what is the best exercise out there for you to lose weight? Well let me help you answer that question, the best exercise for weight loss is the exercise that you will stay committed to! It’s really important to have exercise that challenges you and also excites you, otherwise you’ll give up after the first week and won’t lose any weight!

Consider these 4 areas when deciding on an exercise program:

1. Factors to consider

Enjoyment – Make sure you actually enjoy the workout activity otherwise you won’t do it for very long.

Convenience – Is it possible to perform the work out activity close to home?

Social – Is it possible to get your friends involved for extra support?

Skill level – The activity that you are considering is it something that you can jump straight into or do you have to spend some time developing skills.

Physical impact – If it is an activity that involves a lot of physical impact, then it could have negative side effects on you at a later stage.

2. What are the areas that you want to work out?

If you are looking for an exercise that can burn a lot of fat, then your best bet is to go with some type of cardio such as walking, jogging, cycling, etc… Only problem with cardio is that it can get boring at times, which is something I can relate to!

Or you can even try a bit of cross-fit which basically alternates between different types of exercise. There is also an added bonus to cross-fit which is less chance of injury and is a bit more exciting than cardio.

3. Will it cause you pain?

Obviously exercise that causes you pain is not beneficial to you at all! It is only natural to feel some ‘soreness’ after exercise but not pain and you should stop immediately if you feel any sensations of pain. Also the pain associated with the exercise will seriously hamper your motivation to continue in the long-term.

4. Steps to prevent pain/injury during exercise.

Warm up – Make sure you are doing the proper muscle stretches before your workout routine.

Wear proper gear – If you are going to be jogging, it is critical that you have proper running shoes in order to prevent injury.

Hydration – Drink plenty of water before and after exercise.

Cool down – Just as warming up, make sure you do some post workout stretches after your workout routine.

Sleep well – Your muscles do most of the repair work while you sleep so make sure you are getting your 8 hours of sleep!

Have you ever done something you absolutely hated? And how long did you do that for? I’m guessing not for very long! So avoid spending gruelling 6 hour marathons in the gym, unless that’s what you love, so that you can stay motivated and build momentum towards your healthier lifestyle. Remember, at the end of the day it’s all about having fun!

Till next time!

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