The Best Science-Based Forearm Workout for Size and Strength

By | 3 December 2019

When it comes to growing big forearms and improving your grip strength, you need to consider the anatomy of the forearms in order to determine what the “best forearm workout” might be. In this video I’ll show you guys the best forearm exercises combined into a forearm workout to help boost your forearm size as well as your forearm strength (grip strength). This can be used as a forearm workout for mass but is also considered a grip strength workout given the inclusion of the suitcase holds and wrist rollers.

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The 5 Best Exercises To Increase Forearm Size And Strength


Additional credits:
Pietro Boselli for the anatomy:
Jeff Nippard for the “science-based workout series” idea:

Hand grip strength and forearm size:
Forearm isolation training:
Metabolic stress:
Dynamic training:


“Memories with you” – Lakey Inspired

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40 thoughts on “The Best Science-Based Forearm Workout for Size and Strength

  1. Favian Ramirez

    I see on the gym people working out their biceps, and i dont see them working out their forearms.

  2. Clyde Smith

    I’ve read many planes you can workout your forearms pretty much everyday of the week. Thoughts? Is there lots of research that states the 2-3x per week?

  3. Journeyman

    There is one forearm exercise I like that was not mentioned exactly, besides turning barbell. Round stick with a rope attached and a hanging weight on the end of the rope. Extend arms and turn stick winding up the rope until weight approaches it. Then unwind it back to the floor, then reverse direction.

  4. scouting the area

    This guy makes sense to me more than a lot of other mma fighters, he is balanced in his exercises. A lot of people think because you fight weight lifting doesn't match up with fighting but it does because if you prioritize it and functionalize it and add cardio it makes sense perfectly. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  5. RPG 808

    Jeff, my vocation is a physical therapist (retired X9 years) and now I instruct on a private basis. When I went to Las Vegas and trained for 3 years Couture's saying was "the best never rest." So, I did what others were preaching, namely double and triple splits ( 3 workouts per day ). Here is what you do to yourself by OVERTRAINING. I am 63 now, older than Randy by 5 years, and I took a blood test that revealed kidney damage. The problem, according to my nephrologist was that my kidneys could not filter out all the toxins I produced and I hit a wall that knocked me out cold for weeks. Heavy weight training followed by another split of anaerobic cardio of say 5-9 5 minute rounds vs bags/ sparring gave me stage 3 kidney failure. This means my kidneys were operating at 40% of max! No more heavy lifting in combo with anything and I had to cut my other MMA training by 50% or I would be looking at possible dialysis or a kidney transplant. They modified by diet and I will get better, but never fully. LESS IS MORE my friend. This was a VERY important vid. Also, chronic injuries create a lot of waste so take care of injuries asap. Thanks Jeff. So, as a P.T. PhD I can backup everything that you said about weight training with studies and literature. You KNOW what you are talking about, no doubt. If barbells are causing shoulder problems, and they will, switch to dumbbells. Overhead press is counterproductive as it is not functional in grappling or MMA…it will destroy your rotator cuff as will bench press.

  6. Joeldudee

    I currently have shoulder problems, Should i come back to training just doing pulling exercises or do equal amounts of pulling and pushing?

  7. jay rob

    @mmashredded hi mate I'm having a amateur mma fight. I find when I'm punching my stamina in my ribs and shoulders is really not good. I seem to get rib cramps really quick. Is there any exercises I can do at home with little equipment that will help with this. I'm 35 btw. Also Amy other strength exercise will help.

  8. Sage Snaphunt

    Hey man, any tips how not to be stiff and rigid when sparring while incorporating weight training? I get really sore and stiff after weight training although I stretched thoroughly. it just seems the soreness is counterproductive to my fight performance.

  9. Sudhakar Tamang

    bench press increases the upper body strength or pull ups ? which one is better and build maximum strenght even if its weighted pull ups against lifting weights ?

  10. David Nguyen

    Great content 👍. Just a couple a questions for workout 2 and 3. Are you adding 5 pounds every week after or why the weight progression only for workout 1?

  11. Arlo

    Can I do my cardio right before my strength training to maximize muscle growth? Of course maintaining a caloric surplus.

  12. Jayden DaRosa

    Im primarily a grappler in wrestling and BJJ would this still be a good a good program for me if im trying to bulk up , or is just strictly for mma fighters

  13. Adam Rolf

    This is a great video thank you!! I noticed you didnt say anything about rest times inbetween sets. How long do you rest in between each set?

  14. Jv Castillo

    How about if your trying to lose weight and maintain strength ? Would you rather focus on dieting or the workout ?

  15. Bryan Biscoe

    Hey Jeff, first off I really appreciate the vid!! I was wondering what your thoughts are on this training split incorporating your workout split:

    Sunday: Workout 1
    Monday: Muay Thai
    Tuesday: Workout 2
    Wednesday: Muay Thai
    Thursday: Workout 3
    Friday: Muay Thai
    Saturday: Rest

    Alternate between LOW and HIGH rep ranges every other week.
    CARDIO in the morning of Muay Thai training days.

    You think this would work? Anything you'd do differently?

    And lastly, THANK YOU for your channel. You are the man!!

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