Top 10 Workout Tips | Muscle Building & Body Fat Burning Advice

By | 12 April 2020

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In this video men’s style, grooming, lifestyle and fitness expert, Aaron Marino of and, goes over his top 10 workout tips for building muscle and burning body fat. These ten workout tips are the best advice that I can give someone who is wanting to build muscle, burn body fat, get six pack abs, build an amazing body or just start working out.

Your body is a critical component of the image equation. Feeling good about your body is a critical component of your confidence and self-esteem. Creating and executing a diet and exercise plan is necessary for both components! Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents his top 10 fitness tips to help you realize your ‘sexy-ass’ physical potential.

1. Lift each body part once a week – your body needs rest. You can make progress and gains by lifting each body part once a week. Alpha explains, in detail, the cycle of exercise, rest, and building blocks.

2. Each body part includes your lower body – you need to do everything for a well-balance and symmetrical physique.

3. Don’t be afraid of cardio – it’s not ‘muscle eating’, and it’s key to keeping your body fat low and keeping your heart & lungs healthy.

4. Most workout supplements are ‘crap’ – a lot of the products have no scientific based research backing their claims. Some of the stimulants get you ‘up’ but coffee will do the same thing! Buy and take a multivitamin first and foremost. Nutrition first, supplements seconds.

5. Change your body part workout every time – you will get results by the body responding and growing. If you do the same thing, your body will stop responding because it gets ‘used to it’.

6. It’s all about consistently – your body represents what you do most consistently.

7. You don’t need a gym membership in order to exercise – there are a ZILLION things to do around your house. Use YouTube as a resource! You don’t have to spend a lot to look great.

8. If you are going to the gym, know and respect gym etiquette such as put back dumbbells back on the rack and unload plates, don’t drop or slam the weights, no selfies while working out, and wear deodorant and clean clothing,

8. Develop a program that’s right for you – exercise to feel good about yourself and to experience the benefits. Starting is the hardest part.

10. You need to have a healthy diet! No exercise program works alone – it needs to be combined with a sensible diet. 80% of how you look is your diet!

BONUS TIP – if you’re not satisfied with results of your fitness routine, go back to tip #10.
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18 thoughts on “Top 10 Workout Tips | Muscle Building & Body Fat Burning Advice

  1. Chris Richey

    This video is about 25% incorrect and 75% correct stuff. More bro science than actual clinical studies.

  2. Tyler Wolf

    I only work each body part once aweek…..Chest/Triceps, Biceps/Back, Shoulders/Forarms, and Legs

  3. black sun airsoft

    Fkin love that you had the balls to bring a specific few cultures that have poor hygiene and smell like a hobos ass most of the time. Wear deodorant ffs. We all know what cultures hes talking about.

  4. Ian Whincup

    Been watching Alpha M stuff for a few months now. Really good content delivered with whit and humour. Love it!

  5. -TruthSeekerUK-

    Tip number 8: ooh controversial… probably (and hopefully) triggered all the snowflakes out there 😂

  6. sikkerikky

    Is it better to just take 100% creatine instead of taking a protein shake with creatine? I want to grow but natural dont want it to rush it. I want it natural. You know what i mean!!?🤔

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