Ultimate 40 Minute Full Body Sculpting with Dumbbells | Best Strength Training Workout for Toning

By | 8 July 2020

Ultimate 40 Minute Full Body Sculpting with Dumbbells | Best Strength Training Workout for Toning

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Follow along with this challenging WEIGHT LIFTING workout, designed specifically for WOMEN. These aren’t your brother’s bulking exercises! Six complex exercises performed in SUPERSETS develop your balance and sculpt lean, toned muscles in your shoulders, abs, legs and butt.

Level FIVE


Warm Up and Cool Down:

Exercise Time:
40 minutes

20x Arm Circles (each direction)
50x Jumping Jacks
20x Slow High Knees
20x Drinky Birds (aka, Single Leg Deadlifts)

MAIN WORKOUT (Complete three sets of ten reps of each exercise. On single-sided exercises, go back and forth between your right and left with no other rest. For unilateral work, perform the “active rest” exercise. Finish all three sets of one exercise before moving on to the next.)
Front Raises
Standing Side Crunches
Close Squats (paired with normal-width unweighted squats)
Reverse Lunges with Balance Press-Ups
Side Plank Press-Ups
Lat Pullover + Toe Reaches (paired with full unweighted sit-ups)

30x weighted Bridge Thrusts (no rest)

Full body static stretching to promote flexibility and ease sore muscles

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21 thoughts on “Ultimate 40 Minute Full Body Sculpting with Dumbbells | Best Strength Training Workout for Toning

  1. LDGM010254

    Pahla! 50 jumping jacks! Really? I stopped at 15, because I thought you said 15!!!!! I did 2 bunches of 15, and 1 of 30. I did have to pause this a couple of times for a longer rest, but I made it through. Foam roller now, I think!

  2. Donna Lacina

    Hi Pahla, just want to say I love your work outs, I am 74 and have always done some kind of work out, walking ,weights, I really enjoy these, gets me moving parts I have not moved. Just want to say thank you and please continue what you do, as you age these body parts have to keep moving, you move it or lose it, haha, this saying is so true.

  3. Amy F

    Noodle arms and abs! This has a cardio effect without the cardio. I love coming back to this one!

  4. Legendary Starships

    Hi Pahla, this was a heck of a workout! You sold me on it because this was done barefoot. Although I'm male and not over 50, I'm glad I found this video. Thank you so much!

  5. shawna ferrell

    Great strength workout. Really felt worked out after that. Love dreading what the finisher is going to be!! 😂🤣😂

  6. Kitty Jin

    Hi Pahla! Guess what?! I just moved from the US to Africa!! And this is my first workout after setting up my new home 'gym' 😄I can't wait to workout with you 💪

  7. Kitty Jin

    I can't believe it's been 4 months since I first tried this workout! I've done it time and time again and it's still so challenging!! I'm able to up the weight to 15-20 lbs each hand for most of the exercises except for the side plank press up. 10 lbs is enough to make me struggle(and screaming😂)! Thank you again!

  8. Miracle Girl

    Was thinking about upping my weight for round TWO, but decided not to…yet. Just so you know…my computer went whacko at the beginning of the side planks…froze. I had to do a hard shut down and reboot. For a second, I thought, "Oh, that's good enough for today, I'll just stop," but does Queen B stop? NO! So I found my spot and moved ahead. Oh, also, during the first set of "real" sit ups…you did call yourself MEAN…"not cruel, but mean." wink wink….Day two of week 4/14 ROUND TWO! FOREVER GRATEFUL!

  9. Amy F

    Just did this after Day 100 of the #Hot100…100 burpees and then this. I feel accomplished! Your variety of workouts is awesome (gee, have I said that before LOL?) !!

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