Worried About Those Extra Pounds? Shed Them With Weight Loss Therapy

By | 24 July 2020

If you want to lose inches, center for medical weight loss can be an ideal place for you. A medical weight loss is a non-surgical based process of losing weight under the supervision of doctors in a healthy manner. A patient selecting a medical loss program is supervised by specially trained physicians. The physicians are well- educated and trained with a medical weight loss approach so as to understand better the reasons for metabolism and diseases related to obesity. The doctors focus on the lifestyle of the patient and points out the reasons that affect the metabolism of the patient.

Obesity and overweight are more serious problems, which doctors find among people. Carrying excessive body fat means increased risk to many health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and many other short and long-term problems. Weight is a serious and imminent threat to health. Broadly speaking higher is the body mass index (BMI), the risk to health increases.

Let us take a look at a few health risks of being obese:

  • Feel tired and lack of energy
  • Experience asthma problems
  • Feel that you sweat a lot compared with other people
  • Develop skin problem
  • Have difficulty sleeping
  • Snoring problem
  • Experience back and joint pain

The dieticians of the center for medical weight loss undergo a full body test so that the physician can better comprehend with the metabolism of an individual and customize weight loss treatment accordingly. Chronic diseases, such as obesity that needs a long-term treatment, are also treated by Bariatric medication. The doctors make a diet plan after checking BMI of the patient. The diet plan not only increases the energy level of an individual but also help in losing weight.

Weight loss program consists of both a very low carbohydrate diet and regular exercise. People who strictly follow a diet plan and reduce intake of carbohydrate significantly loses weight in six month time. Large amount of carbs leads to high blood sugar stimulation an overproduction of insulin. High level of insulin has bad effect on the body. It diverts food into fat and prevents from burning the fat stored in the body. It not only makes you fat but also reduces the level of stamina. The dietician of center for medical weight loss guides their patients to eat small frequent meals as large meals can increase the production of insulin. The lower is the level of insulin your body produces, higher is your metabolism.

Along with your diet plan, which the doctor prescribes, you should always workout to reduce the level of fat content in your body. Regular exercise helps in increasing muscle mass and gradually improves your strength and endurance.

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