Your COMPLETE Basketball Strength, Speed & Conditioning Workout! Exercises & Drills

By | 1 December 2019

Your COMPLETE Basketball Strength, Speed & Conditioning Workout! Exercises & Drills

Overtime Athletes:

Use this basketball strength, speed and conditioning workout, exercises and drills to play better in games!

Top 3 ways to INSTANTLY be quicker on the court:

This workout will make you a stronger, quicker, faster, and better conditioned basketball player.

The best NBA stars like Lebron James, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant have to stay in top shape to compete on the highest level.

These strength and conditioning exercises will get you prepared for top level competition!

3 Things Keeping You From Scoring Around The Rim:

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BJJ Strength Training: The only 3 exercises you need?

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The only 3 exercises you need for BJJ strength training? Maybe. Its a big claim, but let me explain it to you and I’m hoping you may agree.

When it comes to BJJ and wanting to add strength training to your routine, you can often be bombarded with ideas. Sometimes, keeping it simple is best. So, if I had to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be?

They need to target specific movement patterns we need strength in for BJJ, they need to have a broad range of strength benefits throughout the entire body (maximising our investment, and be easy to implement.

So, I’m not saying you don’t need other exercises when it comes to BJJ strength training, but…..if you want somewhere simple to start, something that doesn’t take up too much time and something that doesn’t require too much thinking, you won’t go far wrong using only these 3 strength training exercises.

Below are detailed exercise walk throughs as promised.

exercise 1 video:
exercise 2 video:
exercise 3 video:

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40 thoughts on “Your COMPLETE Basketball Strength, Speed & Conditioning Workout! Exercises & Drills

  1. DameDOLLAR Ndizinthu

    Amazing video. I now know what to focus on when I get in the weight room. I m not just going in to get tired. But to make GAINS!!!

  2. popcornto :

    What Bodyfat should a Basketball player have? I see NBA examples at like 4% but I want a realistic goal to aim for since they all use PED's for the most part.

  3. Matthew Carrier

    This is great information for my athletes to use as tools for strengthening and improving their game. Thanks!

  4. EricYZ450rider

    I’m curious how many sets/reps you would do with these types of exercises? Apologies if I missed this detail in the video

  5. wiigelec

    Strength is a general adaptation. You get strong lifting weights in the gym.

    Bjj is a specific set of skills. You get good at bjj by drilling and sparring bjj on the mat.

    Why do strength training movements need to look like sport movements? They don't.

    The only 3 strength training exercises you need for bjj (or any sport for that matter):
    1) squat
    2) press
    3) deadlift

    Who has stronger hips and a better "hip hinge", the guy who deadlifts 200kg or the guy who does 25kg kettlebell swings? Who's going to make stronger frames with their upper body, the guy who presses his body weight over his head for reps or the guy who does 35kg turkish getups? A guy who increases his squat from 60kg to 150kg isn't going to also get a stronger guard?

  6. Jaberwock33

    If you want to train the hips/back/etc, just squat and deadlift. Your argument against them is exactly why you SHOULD use them. They provide much more total body stress than a Kettlebell ever could. Which means it will cause a total body response, in the form of increased strength. The Squat and Deadlift can also be loaded progressively for years, unlike the Kettlebell swing.

  7. Jaberwock33

    If you want to work your shoulders, just do the standing strict press. It involves the whole body and is limited only by upper body strength, and can be increased linearly unlike the Turkish Get-Up.

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