Women’s Breast Health In Their 40s

By | 17 March 2022

Women’s Breast Health In Their 40s

Breast health is important at all ages, but there are certainly stages of life where women should pay close attention to their breasts. Most young girls don’t even think about their breast health, they’re more worried about the latest fashion bra, however, learning about breast health early is vital.

The Most Feared Breast Condition – Breast Cancer

It would probably be correct to say that breast cancer raises concern for almost every woman. It may not be a daily concern, but it is certainly a health condition that women are continually reminded of.

If they are fortunate enough to have not been personally affected, by self, family or friend, they would have been made aware by news media of high-profile women who have been affected.

A healthy diet and lifestyle is essential for maintaining all aspects of health.  Diet is increasingly being correlated to some incidences of cancer. Geographical clusters of people live where cancers are almost non-existent, and their diets are considered to be a big part of that.

Lifestyle factors aside, there are still some other measures that can be taken in order to ensure that you have healthy breasts in your 40s and beyond.

Early Detection is Vital

No one wants to, or should, live a life of fear. Hopefully, awareness, education and preparation can help overcome the fear and provide empowerment. Health networks, governments and related bodies such as charities do much to raise awareness of the need for females, young and old, to be aware of their breasts.

Aware enough to be able recognize any changes. Experts recommend that women should perform breast checks at home on a regular monthly basis. Annual mammograms are available for the early detection signs of breast cancer.

Statistics show that women who have regular mammogram screenings have been able to lower their risk of dying from breast cancer by up to 29%. Oncologists say the greatest single factor determining outcomes after diagnosis is early detection.

Breast Cysts

When breasts are no longer used for breastfeeding, chances are there could be some fluids trapped inside the ducts, which may lead to the emergence of fluid-filled cysts. These fluid-filled cysts can be painful but most of the time they are harmless, and most cysts go away by the body’s own healing methods. If you are uncomfortable about their presence, you can have them aspirated.

Breasts cysts do not increase your risk of having breast cancer. An ultrasound scan can help determine if the lump you feel is hollow, fluid-filled or solid. If further changes are noticed in your breasts, of course consult your physician immediately.

Swollen and Tender Breasts

Some perimenopausal women complain of swollen and tender breasts. One-third of perimenopausal women have been found to have tender breasts. Generally, this is a sign of having increased levels of estrogenAs you reach your menopausal stage, breast tenderness will be one of the first things that disappears as your estrogen levels decrease.

One way to treat swollen and tender breasts is to use a natural progesterone treatment. This can prove helpful, as one of the main roles of progesterone is to balance the amount of estrogen in your body.

There are natural progesterone creams available that can be applied vaginally or topically to the skin. These natural progesterone creams can be bought over the counter, but it is always best to consult with your doctor first, in case you are not treating the real problem.

Sagging Breasts

As a woman gets older, her back muscles tend to weaken, thereby making her slouch. Unfortunately, slouching not only makes you look old and stooped, but it also makes your breasts look like they’re sagging and drooping more than they are.To correct this, always observe good posture.

Strive towards having a stronger torso and upper-back muscles so you can have an open chest and nice-looking shoulder lines that will help prevent your breasts from looking sagged. Also, many women are not aware that an increase in weight means an increase in fat accumulation in the breasts.

Since excess fat can’t fight gravity and aging, an overweight woman’s breasts are more likely to sag and droop. So, sit straight, strengthen your back, lose weight if necessary, and in doing so prevent visibly sagging breasts. Plus, eat right and exercise and enjoy healthy breasts through your 40s and beyond

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