Eating Right Holds The Key

By | 15 January 2021

Obesity percentages have risen manifolds over a matter of previous two decades, and now confront us in epidemic proportions. It’s a phenomenon which has never been observed in the history of humankind.

While it is considered normal to be a shade chubby with the passage of years, one must not ignore that every pound that we add up accounts for more work for the arteries; the heart needs to work harder to pump blood across the veins.

Hypertension and diabetes are just some of the basic disorders that are associated with being overweight. Muscle fatigue comes close up the list.

Our body is required to carry each ounce of the excess weight that we have. And that could be tough on our knees. In the same way, we find that many of us are found suffering from random backaches at random times. The most common cause of lower back pain has often been classified as the weight of upper body on the lower back.

And somehow, the factor that further makes it a cause of concern is that being obese is a vicious cycle. As an outcome of obesity, one does not feel all that energetic, so one does not feel like getting exercise.

Similarly, one might tend to find comfort in sweets and fries; this again works towards boosting up the obesity levels.

In the same way, even if one does choose to go for some regular exercise, if one’s body is not possessed with the right levels of muscle mass, it becomes difficult to lose weight.

One might over time develop a tendency to feel excessively fatigued out after a session of workouts, because, the body might send starvation signals to the brain.

So one might then tend to overeat, splurge on food, and may even become disinterested in everyday activities.

At a deeper level, this might even affect an individual’s feel good factor or self esteem. So, one might suddenly come to discover that one is not as outgoing or extroverted as one earlier used to be.

This affects the psyche, and health risks are also there.

Now it earlier used to be a very commonly believed notion that dieting holds the key to successful weight loss. And giving up certain foods for a period of time is more likely than not to let you find successful results in terms of weight loss.

However, when one goes on a crash diet, one runs a risk of regaining the lost calories, because in the rehash to starvation, one might tend to eat excessively.

Moreover, a crash diet just might not do the trick, because for an efficient functioning, the body requires foods from each of the food groups, such that it is able to stay supple and healthy as well.

Most of the nutritionists nowadays believe that a balanced diet, along with moderate to intense regular exercise holds the key to a healthier everyday being, and eventual weight loss as well.

One needs to eat healthy, and eating right is the trick!

Just as an instance, you may choose to make a switchover from sugar to natural sweeteners, which let the body stay supple, and also help reduce one’s appetite, because an herbal sweetener would be full of nutrients. So the appetite would be curbed by itself.

In the same way, one might choose to go for some superfoods, like green tea as a part of everyday diet. And this would let one achieve weight loss in a simple and easy manner.

Jod Nandi Godhum Shali Rice is a brand of rice which has a low glycemic index even while it is high on nutrition. So it shows wondrous results for someone who is diabetic or suffering from obesity.

This tastes just as great, is healthier, and is a must for your kitchen if anyone in the family suffers from diabetes or hypertension.

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