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By | 12 May 2020

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A MOTHER of two refuses to hide her excess skin after losing 59lbs. Lidia, 27, from Texas, has gone from 201lbs to just under 142lbs after radically changing her lifestyle. Lidia’s diet consisted of fast food and soda but after noticing her weight gain was affecting her relationship with her husband, Lidia decided enough was enough and she started weight training. She also switched to healthy high protein meals with lots of fruit and veggies and lost 59lbs. Since she lost her weight, she has recovered from depression and her confidence has improved significantly – but on a downside, Lidia was left with a large amount of excess skin on her stomach. The 27-year-old decided to embrace her loose skin and says that it won’t stop her from reaching her goals: “Don’t let that be an excuse to not change your lifestyle. Your loose skin will be part of your journey and will tell a story.”

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42 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Cured My Depression | BRAND NEW ME

  1. Darren Teo

    She look so pretty now. Thanks for sharing. I’m also grateful I found @t. It helped me not only lose weight but keep if off. Hope it helps some others.

  2. Joanne Sees

    Great video! The title gives the wrong message. No negativity, just saying. Her depression was cured when she made the DECISION TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, THEN FOLLOW THROUGH WITH FAITH! 😁


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    🥗🍔 – I thought, maybe it's time for me to try.
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  4. Robert Jack Roumieh

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  5. Wait, what???

    She seems like she put everyone before herself and once she began to put herself first she began to see weight changes. And the excess skin tells me she's brought children into this world. I see no problem with the excess skin. It doesn't look bad at all. She looks great.

  6. Sally B

    I used to weigh 138lbs and was lollipop skinny at that time. Laziness and bad habits got me up into way higher. I’m now on a mission to lose 42 lbs. figures I’d use this lockdown for a positive change. Two weeks in I’m 6lbs down and ramping up the exercise. This was inspirational 💪🏼

  7. Rodolfo Marchant

    Guau, pero que cambió y que perseverancia. Felicidades porque realmente te ves genial.
    Saludos desde Chile.


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  9. Kerz Flash

    Ladies if you have a baby (especially multiples) you might be left with lose skin because the skin stretches rapidly. Don’t feel down about it it’s natural and apart of motherhood. It shows what you went through.

  10. kanchan kumar

    See this video with ,,,,,full mouth hakka . noodles 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. TheSnowLeopard12

    I was searching for ProAna thinspo and this popped up… snapped me out of a really bad place. Thank you guys so much for everything you do every day

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  13. Spiced Apple Sauce

    I've got an eating disorder but I'm not skinny. I eat under 1000 kcals a day and I have never been under 79kg. Jsut saying.

  14. Myla Jns

    Don’t skip meals especially breakfast
    Video: showing sugared corn flakes

    they probably should show oatmeal or simple bread with butter ; healthier

  15. Fix a Fix


    -Don't skip meals, especially breakfast
    -eat proteins and low fat dairy
    -drink water before eating. If you're weird you can also blend your food and drink it liquid to feel full longer.

    -use smaller plates

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  19. Melvin Bond

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  20. Stunning_ Face

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    1. admin Post author

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