2 Tips You Must Know Before Getting Into Running For a Better Energy Level

By | 20 August 2020

2 tips you must know before getting into running.

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your stamina and fitness, or boost your energy level, running is one of the few activities that can deliver all the aforementioned results for you but first read the 2 tips you must know before getting into running.

Running is a wonderful exercise because it trains and forces your body to provide you with lots of consistent energy for an extended period of time.

For the entire time you are jogging, your heart will beat harder, your breathes will repeat faster, and you will burn more glucose for energy supply longer.

If you train your physical body this way, your entire system will become more and more efficient at all kinds of performances.

After a while, you will reach a point where doing simple things like walking, working or carrying groceries as if they were a piece of cake.

The only problem of running is that many people find it boring. They don’t like the idea of repeating the same thing for so long and sometimes it feels painful.

Therefore, here are 2 top tips that can help you to start to fall in love with running and allowing yourself to really enjoy the benefits of it.

Tip #1 The Right Shoes

One thing that can make a massive difference to your enjoyment of running is choosing a right pair of shoes.

Apart from the obvious enhanced comfort level, a pair of right trainers can also enhance your performance and prevent injuries.

If you are currently running in cheap, poor-fitting, unprofessional shoes, you’ll find this change making a huge difference to your opinion about running.

Getting the right running shoes isn’t that easy though. You need to ensure that you get the right type of shoes for your specific stride.

The best way to do this is to go to a running store and to get them to measure your stride on a treadmill.

They can then tell you if you need a structured shoe to correct a pronation or supination, they can tell you whether you’re a neutral runner or you strike with your heel and they can recommend a more or less minimal shoe.

Take the extra time to research around, spend the extra money to find the best fit of equipment, and you’ll find that this investment is one of the best you’ll ever made.

Tip #2 Learn to Track Yourself

Running is arguably harder to get into compared with weight lifting because you don’t necessarily see your progression as clearly and as fast.

With weight lifting, you’ll constantly push yourself to lift heavier and will see a clear improvement in terms of sets, reps and amount of weights.

On the other hand, running is much harder to tell if your speed or the total distance you have run have actually improved much since the last training.

Luckily, most smartphones nowadays contain a pedometer and there are plenty of apps available to download that can tell you how fast you have been running and the distance you have gone.

Alternatively, you can invest in some activity trackers or GPS running watches that are specifically designed for runners.

Keeping track of these will clearly show you how much your fitness and energy levels have improved.

When you see the consistent progress from your physical health, you will be more motivated to keep going and keep pushing yourself to a further limit keeping in mind the 2 tips you must know before getting into running.

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