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Should you Follow The Q48 Programme

Should you follow the Q48 programme Overweight or obesity is a major problem these days. Many people are stuck in their desks in front of their computers for the most duration of the day. When they get home, they are often too tired to exercise. But physical activity is a must, and that includes regular… Read More »

2 Tips You Must Know Before Getting Into Running For a Better Energy Level

2 tips you must know before getting into running. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your stamina and fitness, or boost your energy level, running is one of the few activities that can deliver all the aforementioned results for you but first read the 2 tips you must know before getting into running. Running… Read More »

The Four-Minute Cardio Workout For Your Heart

Check out more Bowflex workouts here: https://goo.gl/jkjFMm Subscribe for more workouts and tips: http://goo.gl/sxLYmP Additional fitness tips: http://goo.gl/vFWbTL Quick Workouts: http://goo.gl/mj1b0C If you’re looking to get your heart rate up with a great cardio workout, but don’t have a lot of time in your day, then this quick cardio workout is for you. This workout… Read More »