7 Healthy & Easy Salad Recipes For Weight Loss | 1 week Veg Lunch & Dinner Ideas to Lose Weight

By | 1 June 2020

Find these one week healthy salad recipes in text form (in English ) on my website :- https://www.foodfitnessnfun.com/7-healthy-salad-recipes/

Today I present to you 7 Healthy, Easy and delicious salads for Weight Loss. These flavourful & filling salads will help you improve your metabolism and burn calories specially when combined with a decent workout routine. These vegetarian salads are great for lunch or dinner. So here are 7 easy, nutritious vegetarian salad for the coming 1 Week.

1. Chana salad :- 00:15
2. Marinated soy Salad :- 02:50
3. Mushrooms & tofu :- 5:20
4. Creamy Veggie delight Salad :-8:06
5. Vanilla Peanut fruit Salad :- 10:06
6. Daliya Salad :- 12:00
7. Detox Salad :- 13:50

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900 calorie diet full day sample diet plan to lose weight fast, this meal plan give you an idea; what to eat from morning to night to lose weight fast, diet plan for weight loss, healthy full day meal plan. #skinnyrecipes
millet dosa, aloo roti, rice and dal.
Pls note that I prefer to make my meals nutrient dense but since many of you wanted calorie count I am sharing it below: (the whole meal plan is 903 calories.
1/2 apple: 25 calories
Millet Uthappam: 100 calorie for 1
Coconut chutney: 75 calorie
pickle: 25
(Total: 300 calore)
Aloo roti: 150 calories
curd: 50 calories
cucumber: 10 calories
(total: 210 calorie)
Guava: 68 calories
Rice: 125 calories
Dal curry: 150 calories
Pickle: 25
(total: 300 calories)
Early Morning:
1/2 apple or banana with water
2 carrot uthappams (Millet Dosa Batter: https://goo.gl/CTMU2V) with curry leaves chutney and pickle. (If you dont feel the need to have 2 uthappams then have one or one/half). I did not give tadka for the chutney as I am using desi ghee in the uthappam. Also, coconut chutney has enough healthy fats, so I balanced the two fats in this meal.
7 DAY DIET PLAN FOR WEIGHT LOSS: https://goo.gl/6ekCqw
Curry Leaves chutney: https://goo.gl/vGvnkK
Traditional Pickle: https://goo.gl/SFHAZC
Millet Recipes For Weight Loss : https://goo.gl/4mfi5k
Lunch: 1 Aloo Roti with cucumber and home set curd.
The healthy fats in desi ghee will help to keep you fuller for a longer time along with helping to reduce the glycemic index of wheat.
How to make ghee at home: https://goo.gl/Y82q2g
How to make curd at home: https://goo.gl/QMiHT1
How ghee helps in fat loss: https://goo.gl/X2kYMU
Eve Snack:
Any fruit of your choice

1/2 cup rice + palak dal curry + pickle
Desi ghee will help to bring down the glycemic index of rice plus it will help to keep you satiated and reduce cravings. Ghee will also help in nutrient assimilation.
How to cook rice – I boiled rice in water and then strained it this way the starch content of the rice can be reduced. Here in Kerala, we make rice this way on a daily basis.
The probiotics in pickle will help in easy digestion.
Remember to have your dinner by 7 pm.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep hydrated.

The cast iron pan I used: https://amzn.to/2OMvasP
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    For weight loss,
    7Am have lemon with warm water,
    8:30 am have black coffee
    10Am have a boiled egg and soaked nuts .. try to have all kinds of nuts which should bring one small bowl full
    12:30 have one cup of brown rice or millets with more vegetable curry and have small cup of curd
    3 Pm have any fruit juice without sugar
    6pm have one bowl of sprouts along with the fruit pieces.
    9pm have one glass of buttermilk ..
    Finally cut-down the carbohydrates & sugar, increase proteins & vitamins
    Untill unless …. Coming out of the comfort zone.. weight loss is highly impossible ..

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