Her Secret Method For Weight Loss Will Blow Your Mind | Liz Josefsberg on Health Theory

By | 22 July 2020

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This week’s guest on Health Theory is Liz Josefsberg. She is a celebrity health, wellness and weight loss expert and the author of Target 100: The World’s Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps. In this episode she discusses her approach to weight loss, why most people have trouble eating healthy and how technology can help you get healthier.

Check out Target 100: https://bit.ly/2Sg6KJf

Why weight loss starts in the mind [01:08]
How to dig deep by starting with food [05:08]
The power of daily habits [08:31]
How to refuse your own excuses [13:07]
How believing in yourself can change your identity [15:49]
Why you need to cheer yourself on [19:31]
How to keep promises to yourself [26:14]
The importance of planning out your meals [28:52]
Why you shouldn’t give up your favorite food [31:33]
How to change the way you talk to yourself [34:09]
What everyone can do to improve their health [36:20]
The things you should and shouldn’t be tracking [41:56]
The scale that helps you overcome the fear of the scale [48:50]

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A graduate of Cornell and Tufts University School of Medicine, as well as a founding
member and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Greger is the founder of NutritionFacts.org — the world’s most authoritative, non-profit, science-based destination for all things nutrition, health and disease prevention.

The subject of today’s conversation is his latest book, ‘How Not to Diet’ The Groundbreaking Science of Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss.

This is Dr. G’s 3rd appearance on the podcast. Check episodes #7 & #199 at richroll.com
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0:00 – Introduction
2:22 – How Not to Diet Lecture
4:42 – What Does the Study Say?
18:10 – A Psychological War of Dieting
22:03 – Dr. Greger’s Efforts to Educate
30:35 – How Not to Diet Book
38:44 – Intermittent Fasting
42:19 – Dr. Greger’s Plans for Next Books
44:20 – Low Carb, High Meat Diets
46:54 – Unhealthy Vegan Foods to Avoid
51:28 – How to Kickstart Weight Loss
56:29 – What Dr. Greger Eats in a Day
59:44 – Gut Microbiome Health
1:06:34 – The Effects of Sitting
1:11:52 – What About People Who Struggle to Lose Weight?
1:13:49 – The Illusion of “Moderation”
1:22:04 – Our Healthcare Rewards Bad Behavior
1:27:39 – Nathan Pritikin’s Work
1:31:03 – Closing Remarks

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  3. jeremiah Jopanda

    She said something about being a big kid in the 80's. I was the fat kid in my elementary school class. I have never understood why I shy away from accepting accolades. I remember being in P.E. trying to do pull ups. The teacher thought she was doing the right thing by letting all the other classmates get under me and "help" me with my pull ups. The way I remembered that one experience was hyper negative, super embarrassing. I haven't thought about that in a long time. Wow.

  4. Myles Tvedt

    Is Custokebon Secrets useful to lost lots of weight? We've learn numerous good stuff about this popular lose weight diet plan.

  5. MrSeppZ

    Good content but she talks non stop, it gets really tiring when she goes on and on

  6. ปั้มไลค์

    Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  7. Katelyn McCorkle

    HABITS HABITS HABITS from an early age fuck my life already haha

  8. Katelyn McCorkle

    I really needed to hear this!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  9. Janell Andersson

    The guests are always great! I like that Tom didn't feel the need to drop multiple unnecessary F-bombs like he often does. It's disrespectful to the guest and the listener.

  10. Trina Hughes

    Just watched this video, her book is on it's way to me !!

  11. Vystopian

    For a channel that claims being well informed is key to success, you're advocating a diet that the scientific community has a consensus on as being detrimental to health, and here you are literally pushing a dangerous diet. Butchers box? You're exploiting your followings to make money at the cost of their health and the environment. Unsubbed for life!

  12. Mario Miranda

    Why is it so hard to stay healthy. God's way of culling the misfits.

  13. Sofia J

    wow. this woman is the real deal. just went to her website & there's something so honest & relatable. I'm a new fan. xoxo

  14. Sharon Atuk

    Its so uncanny watching this in the very state of what she was talking about! I started #75Hard challenge 5 days ago and today wasnt able to do one of the exercise and that feeling of guilty got me in my cupboard to pick up crisps and binge on youtube! So true what she is talking about strict rules create guilt and shame which have undesirable effect. What works thoug? I wasnt able to go through the whole video, it kind of sounds intense as I wanted sth a bit more relaxing in this state lol

  15. ElenaBionGames

    I can agree with the most but 1 point it's very important NOT TOO MUCH WATER!!!!!! It's WRONG, THAT WHY YOU CAN'T LOSE YOUR WAIT !!!

  16. bita rezaee

    Really lived this interview, so helpful. Thank you tom for your amazing show

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  18. nothinmulch

    Is the secret a 20-25% calorie deficit with protien kept at 0.8 to 1 gram per lb of body weight, and a maintenance calorie week every 4-6 weeks?

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  20. ProPaleo

    The first 10min explains the reasoning and process behind general self-sabotage, what a gold nugget of info, thanks Tom and Liz!

  21. Kamron Werner

    As specialist, I do believe Custokebon Secrets can be good way to lost tons of weight. Why don't you give it a shot? perhaps it can work for you too.

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    How effective is Custokebon Secrets? I have noticed numerous awesome things about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  23. Franchesca S

    I always like Dr Greger but this is a particularly good interview.

  24. Rudy Vance

    Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping through weight loss plan to others as well, I do believe that I must have tested every single fat reduction program that was available, but eventually not one of them made it easier for me to shed and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Custokebon Secrets mainly because my work buddy who told me incredible things about it and so far to date I've effectively dropped 19 pounds within 4 weeks!

  25. Cron Kite

    he is just 47 years old, his diet is not good…..

  26. Dan Hammonds

    45:30 – I'm highly sceptical about the carnivore diet and think it sounds dangerous. But I also thought the same about intermittent fasting and low carb diets at one time, both of which have improved my health, body and mind significantly and have gained vast amounts of research promoting their benefits.

  27. Kathryn Tokarska

    Taxpayers don't fund anything on federal level. I know that is not conventional wisdom. See Stephanie Kelton's recent "Deficit Myth". It is never a question of affordability at federal level, fed gov creates money, it is a question of availability of resources and political will.

  28. Kathryn Tokarska

    "Start selling that shit" hahaha so cracked me up. What kind of work do you do? I sell my shit.

  29. mdrb

    Dr Gregor’s face when he hears that people actually say ‘blood work doesn’t mean anything’ 🧐🤔🤨😤

  30. Casey Cope

    I keep trying to tell fellow intermittent fasters that skipping breakfast is bad!! Most of the fasters I know skip breakfast and not dinner. I'm going to share the hell out of this video.

  31. Fionnuala Murphy

    Thanks to the two of you. My two fav people. Please keep up the good works. All the best from Ireland

  32. Porkchop Express

    He talks about confirmation bias , He’s full of it

  33. xibjou

    Dr Greger you nut it was no BROWN M&Ms. PS I would come see you before Van Halen.

  34. m k

    I'm tired and I read this title as how not to die

  35. Tullochgorum

    The How Not To Diet book is incomplete – it focuses on food and not on psychology. The most successful researched fat loss regime BY FAR is the Bright Lines programme developed by a psychologist. The keys are 1) avoiding trigger foods and 2) Most importantly, a highly structured approach to eating that reduces the need for choice and willpower. Combining Greger's ideas with the Bright Lines ideas would be a truly powerful approach to weight loss.

  36. Pollyanna Principle

    Although it's probably true that calories eaten in the morning creates less fat than calories eaten in the evening according to studies, if I have to give up a meal or eat less during a time of day, dinner is the hardest meal to give up or eat less of. It's easier to replace breakfast with a tea, coffee, or even a 200 calorie smoothie. I stopped eating breakfast two weeks ago and I've already lost 6 pounds. I grew up not eating breakfast and my weight stayed the same for years, but 12 years ago I started eating breakfast and my weight slowly climbed to an additional 25-30 pounds more. I finally decided to go back to no breakfast after noticing that coworkers who don't eat breakfast tend to be slimmer.

  37. Reginald Finley

    Artisanal vegan fecal transplant spas. I'll invest in that. lol.

  38. mofirminhosadio salahrobertomane

    you've people saying keto diet is the way to go , and you've got carnivore diet is the way to go , then theres this guy saying plant based is the way to go ,they all profess to reverse diabetes , weight loss , autoimmune reversal . wtf , maybe just cut out high carbs and sugar and we'll all be fine ?


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