My Daily Fitness Routine | How I Keep 45 lbs OFF!

By | 26 March 2020

My everyday fitness routine is SO important to me. It’s so much more than my workouts, so I’m showing you everything I do for my workouts + pre & post workout routine!

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Disclaimer: Love Sweat Fitness recommends that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. It is important that you be in good physical condition/health and be able to participate in the exercise.

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Crunches will give you abs. Cardio is the key to weight loss. These are two of more than a dozen exercise myths that do more harm than good. Business Insider brought in three professional athletic trainers to debunk them.

Calorie Counters At The Gym Are A Lie

I Did Peloton For Two Weeks Straight And Here’s What Happened

9 Device Detects Foods Causing Your Indigestion


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Fitness Experts Debunk 17 Exercise Myths

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40 thoughts on “My Daily Fitness Routine | How I Keep 45 lbs OFF!

  1. Rianna Newsome

    Dope video 🔥 honestly this video inspired me to create a daily morning routine . Keep up the great content !

  2. EchoOcta

    I think his boyfriend is the happiest man alive.
    Prove me wrong.

  3. Wrestling

    I wake up at 4:30 am, I pray to god, then I stretch up to 30-40 mins and run for 30 mins. Go to school come back and go to gym and lift for about 1:30 mins and abs workout. Come back do my homework and around 8 pm I spar in jiu jutsu and come back around 10 pm and go to sleep and repeat

  4. The Panther

    Wakes up..face full of makeup, hair done..ready for my rose spray… Okay..

  5. Claire Lewis

    Funny question- what kind of workout undies do you wear? I hate thongs but I'm also self conscious of panty lines 😳

  6. Michaela Neudorf

    My goodness "in case I forget to use my new workout clothes"…. I can't even get through the week without needing to wash my workout clothes😂 slightly envious

  7. Isabella Fernández

    Omg her gym 😱 super big and cool it looks super expensive hahha

  8. Patty Valdez

    Do you a video where you make your green juice ?

  9. Crossfit Lambert

    Personally i do not use apps but that is only becuase i have a trainer and i am training for the 2021 crossfit games 14-15 divisoj you inspire me to keep going every day i have gone so far in my crossfit jounry and i am almost postive i am gonna be in madison ta the crossfit games competing in 2021 keep going girl and keep inspiring! ❤️💪🏼

  10. SXT FIT

    Great video – really sir I driver here for no reason

  11. Scott Butler

    FYI: I just typed "fitness" in the search and this was the first video. Good stuff.

  12. Cindy

    Love this!! Actually inspiring me to get fitness.

  13. Julie Zoutendam

    I really want to purchase a membership to the LSF app for Christmas, so that I get all the amazing perks you were mentioning. However, I've read that the app has lots of issues on an Android phone. Is this true?

  14. Infinity

    ⚠️🛑 Hey! It would mean a lot if you checked out my first quick YouTube video! 🛑⚠️

  15. Carlie Meza

    You’re my favorite YouTuber I have hyperthyroidism and people always hide behind it and you’re such a inspiration

  16. Diane Adrian

    What made me want to see more videos of yours was that you kept saying you could do all the exercises without anything but your own body. This video has nothing but machines.

  17. Ashish Damur

    Hey guy here's a powerful tools to help u get in shape real quick!!!!!!
    All U have to do is just click on the link Below.
    https://many . link/a6_ashish

  18. mry • cllr

    After some research, I therefore conclude some of their "answers" are just clickbait bullshit

  19. My Digital Teacher

    that guy is very intelligent and super right

  20. Kage 777

    Pink himalayan salt is 98% sodium . Those trace minerals make up so little of its composition. It's very unlikely to provide any benefits to you.

  21. Angelus_Solus

    I have to argue against his logic in #6. No, a pound of feathers weighs just as much as a pound of lead, but you weigh a cubic foot of each and then try telling me muscle doesn't weight more than fat.

  22. TheRolemodel1337

    0:22 you can turn muscle cells into stem cells by iPS and then turn stem cells into fat cells
    0:27 can't pronounce his german last name (translates to kitchen master/pro btw 😂)
    3:19 that's just stupid no wonder he's all about sports 🤣
    4:51 wont work for the ISS crew tho

  23. arne 90

    I will eat my hat if Sean has no german ancestors

  24. Weird Tree

    This was super helpful because I always feel like I'm doing something wrong when I'm not feeling the soreness or I'm not sweating enough.

  25. V S

    What they said about Ab crunches dont give you a 6 pack is not entirely true. Yes just because you do crunches it wont give you a six pack but doing crunches does help burn the fat much much faster revealing the abs.However you still have to have a low fat diet with enough protein to nourish the tears in the muscle. The bigger your muscles the more fat they use.

  26. Nolan Webb

    I guarantee you myth 10 is wrong for me, XC makes me thin as a rail and I have no six pack

  27. Lucas Vasconcelos

    Himalayan Pink Salt has 60 TRACE minerals, which by no means make it better than any other type of salt.

  28. FrozenSteel

    Myth nº6: OBVIOUSLY when you say muscle weighs more than fat you're talking about same volume.

  29. Calvin Hodgson

    This video counts as my exercise for the week.

  30. Antonio Cabrera

    Myth #5 to loose weight one needs to do a caloric restricted diet? Nope! You need to restrict your carbs only!

  31. Resident Evil

    Having abs does not mean strength. Fat does

  32. Roy Salgado

    Hmmm… Calories are not “burned”, they are expended.


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