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There’s so much information on the internet about tips and tricks that’ll solve ‘all your health’ (and thus happiness) problems, such as cutting out carbs, training everyday and always having a goal. While everyone is unique, I thought I’d put together a video of the health and fitness tips that I believe actually made me LESS healthy, both physically and mentally.

Now I feel like I have the healthiest attitude I’ve ever had towards food and training, but it’s not always been this way, and it’s sometimes hard to ignore the abundant (often conflicting) advice on the internet. My main advice, however you choose to live your life, is that you should focus more on enjoyment and happiness than ‘optimal health’, and focussing on the latter often precludes the former. I hope you find this interesting and/or useful!

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Are multivitamins necessary? Know your Answer by Professional Fitness Trainer GuruMann
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Welcome to my blog site on Health and fitness. I am not a fitness guru, just an ordinary person who, after a bout of bad health realised that there is huge benefits to becoming and staying healthy. Follow along as i go about putting together the best advice and tips that i can give you. You never know we might become friends! Your tips and comments most welcome either on the contact page or direct into the comments section. Stay healthy!


  1. Shervin Shares - Smart Fitness Technology

    You mentioned overtraining. Do you use an Apple Watch, Whoop, or Fitbit to track your training & recovery? Why not if these tools can help prevent overtraining?

  2. Iona Jones

    Hi flora 😁 I would love to see more food related videos, like your favourite vegan dishes during lockdown 👍🏼

  3. Valerie Hearn

    I enjoy the vlogs and fun things with your boyfriend! Juicy questions (I don't know if that is your style?) or a couples yoga challenge!

  4. Emma050993

    Wondering if you could do a video of anything that you do to support your running, maybe what you need to make sure you strengthen and work on often in order to prevent injury. I'm new to running and countless people have told me not to do it as it will 'ruin my knees, shins, ankles, joints etc' and I'm wondering what you can do to prevent this. Thank you! x

  5. Sophie Slater

    I love daily vlogs ! Also love these advice / educational videos 🙂

  6. Mckenzie Byrnes

    Omg thank you for posting this! I found out my freshman year I wasn’t eating enough and that is why I was injured so often. If I’m actually training and keeping 30 miles a week-I have to eat 4,000 calories a day just to sustain that (and I’m sedentary during the day!). I had no idea. I stuck to the old school “rule” of 2,000 calories a day and how anything over is too much. I will admit I did do competitive lifting for three years so I do have more muscle mass, but it’s truly amazing how important it is to fuel yourself. I noticed initially I had a jump in weight, but I learned for me it is related to the glycogen stores in my muscles (happy thing for me to see my muscles happy!) and this does go down a bit as time goes on for those that are scared of that jump, but my runs became so much easier and I no longer got that burning sensation right away. Thank you for spreading awareness! I wish I knew this sooner but it’s better than later! I hope your IT band is behaving! 😊

  7. Running With My Mind

    Last year I REALLY screwed myself up running two marathons too close together while working too hard in the day job. I’m team #extrarestdays 🦋

  8. Stephen Hughes

    Nuitrian ….. always fascinating….. I've even attended a group evening with Hayley Carruthers at our club, and was fascinated to hear her input and I'm sure your nuitrician input would be your own!!!
    This is huge topic of what you eat at Ultras, Marathons, Half's, 10Ks etc…. and why and when to eat!

    Great video again Flora!

  9. Sabine Ottala

    Hi Flora, I really liked your tip about not always having a goal. I realised after starting my degree that I just didn't enjoy having a goal for every single activity, and I wanted exercise to be fun and positive with no pressure. It's made me healthier mentally and I probably do more exercise because I see it as a break from all the targets and deadlines.

  10. mary williams

    Loved this! Really helped a lot and was so relatable 🧡

  11. Kelly & Doug

    im a gardener, who also runs, i've just put out a video on my you tube channel about lupins if you want any gardening advise let me know and i will comment back or make a you tube video for you. your videos are always great but i think this is one of your best keep up the good work!

  12. stargazerbird

    So many of those’ I did this for 30 days’ on YouTube. I want to scream ‘rest days’ at them. Totally counter productive.

  13. Kathy Smk

    just found your channel and you definitely got a new subscriber! loved what you said at the beginning about being healthy physically but not mentally. I'm only at minute 3 and can already give a thumbs up because it's a great vid for sure 🙂


    loved this video, i never get bored of your videos x

  15. mike griebel

    Carbohydrates can be fun. They signal that there is something good in fruits, such as some vitamins which can be difficult to get in any other way (I am not saying vitamins are sweet in themselves, but the sweetness of the fruit is understood as a signal). Erythrocytes, astrocytes and possibly other cells absolutely require glucose; that's where gluconeogenesis comes in and saves the day.

  16. Jody

    I really really enjoyed this video but only made it halfway because of the typing in the background, I'm so easily irritated omg 😭

  17. Ryan Smith

    I have been guilty of running for numbers on Strava, and seeing the upwards trend of mileage.. I'm better now at just listening to my body and doing what feels right, while also trying to improve

  18. John March

    Has something happened to your Instagram account seems to have disappeared

  19. Disha Puja

    Sir please help me me weight gain karna cati hu

  20. Brajbhan Lodhi

    Sar becadexmin or homeopathic ki jondila srup dono le sakt hu kya please answer

  21. ashit gusain

    Ek question hain I am using Swisse multivitamins it’s cost like 3000 but some cheap multivitamins are like 50 rupees so what’s the diff

  22. Gopal Bulbule

    Hello sir please reply.. which company multivitamin tablet are good?.. please reply.

  23. Naren Kumar

    doctor kahte hai….multivitamine se kidney dammage ho jati hai

  24. Deepak Sharma

    Bhai koi dally use multivitamin batay


    Kis Kis Kam Ke Liye A Dawa Lena Padega.

  26. RJ Vlogs

    Omega 3 or multivitamins 1 sath le sakte hain kya ??

  27. Shivali lehragaga

    weight gain to nhi hoga m dieting these days?

  28. Hassan Rizwan Jatt

    Multi vitamins sy body sy smell ana start ho jati isky bary ma kia kahy gy app

  29. Prashant Kumar Raj

    Can i use muscleblaze multivitamin

  30. abhimoodly09logical 1

    I am 18 years old.. I'm taking patanjali spirulina it's good or not

  31. Rahul Arora - Strike With Style

    Good One Mr. Mann. 🤙


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