FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS | Monday – Friday Fitness Routine (vlog)

By | 1 August 2019

FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS | Running, Booty, Abs, Yoga, & More (vlog)

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19 thoughts on “FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS | Monday – Friday Fitness Routine (vlog)

  1. SM503

    Idk how u do it girl, i barely made it to the gym early morning before work it was great but after that never went back i feel guilty and upset for not going back like my lack of energy, cozy warm bed and laziness is dominating me i need help getting a routine. I watched several of ur videos of morning/gym rountines that inspired me hopefully we will see.

  2. Jenni Martinez

    I will be posting a 8 week lower body workout guide with how to videos ! Stay tune on my channel ! I love her videos

  3. XAmerican GloryX

    This is actually helpful. I’m going to the gym soon to start training and begin preparing for a WWE tryout. (I’m 18, won’t try out until I’m
    19 or 20) but this was a great video to help start at the gym. Thanks for this. 🙌

  4. Helen Tan

    Renee, love your refreshing videos, excellent job! I'm a similar body type as you (Vata constitution according to Ayurveda so moderate exercise is good for our body type). You seem to know a lot of moves to do a routine without going to class or using a trainer. Kudos to you for designing your own weight/resistance training moves – if it were up to me, I would've stopped at 20 ab crunches, lol! I'm curious whether you do check in with a trainer or someone like that to get feedback and encourage you to increase your repetitions?

  5. Hattie Whitaker

    hey! can you PLEASE tell me where you got that cardigan you wore on tuesday and thursday?? it is adorable!!

  6. Luna V

    Hi Renee! Do you do any at home workouts? If you do, can you please share with us? What do you eat before and after workouts? Thank you!!!

  7. Kris A

    Haha this will sound weird but I love going to the gym but i feel weird using the machines with everyone around because I look like I’m 12 . (I’m actually 17)

  8. Fifa Duo

    Hi have just started the gym just 8 weeks ago in my home doing free weights I would love if people could check out my Instagram billy.lawrence22 check my progress what I’ve went from to now and till the long way to go and would love for people to see my journey

  9. SE Obeng

    I went to the gym last year and was pretty fit but I hardly go now, so I’m trying to improve now, and lose all my weight gained!

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