Exercise for People Over 60 – Your Exercise Routine

By | 9 October 2019

Brian Stecker shares a great exercise routine for people over 60. Follow along to start seeing results for yourself!

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20 thoughts on “Exercise for People Over 60 – Your Exercise Routine

  1. Keith Dainton

    I am 66 been training since I was a teenager never warmed up with anything but light weights and never had a INJURY I now train with my home muti gym dumbells and cables not as heavy these days but still in great shape for my age.

  2. Leslie Ben-kiki

    Hi Brian, I workout at my gym and like your workout program. What dumbbell weight should I use? It would be helpful if you suggested a beginning and or advanced weight on your video.

  3. trevor gough

    I’ve been smoking for about 46 years and drinking quite heavily for a couple of decades and getting worried about health and stuff..any hope for me ???

  4. KAREN Bouachour

    I enjoy your enthusiasm. I am 61 next week and thought I was still pretty fit. NOT! Been through some crap the last 5 years. I remembered how it felt to be young! Thank you!

  5. Lars Gibbon

    This is mistitled, should have beginner's exercise… What about people who have been exercising for a long time, how should they modify their exercise routine?


    I have three words that are the most important things you can do when you’re a senior and you’re trying to remain or get in shape

    Diet diet diet

  7. Strident Atheist

    If you never trained before, and are over 60, then this is very good. You have to be careful and have to start someplace.
    I got really weak the past few years. 65 now. Back in Feb. I could barely squat 75lbs for reps and not very deep and major hip pain.
    7 months later did 205lbs for 5 reps, with a safety squat bar (highly recommended …especially for old people) and no hip pain.

    Mobility is the absolute key. Been working hard at hip mobility exercises of which there is seemingly no end to. Find what works for you and just do it!

  8. Lian Greenwood

    Thank you for this video for low intensity exercise. My question is what to do when you only have dumbbells.

  9. admin Post author

    Yep for sure start off with small on intensive walks. I did! I do one mile a day now but high speed walking now and guess what? I feel great during the walk. Only last week i started to run very slowly, for 5 mins of my walk time which is about 20 mins normally, and i will increase the running time as i feel i am getting stronger/better.

  10. roguemale TheOne&Only

    I do:10 minutes of skipping rope,then 10 min of weights finally,another 10,kickboxing on the bag.
    3-4 times a week.
    I'm 61.

  11. Rodney Kennedy

    Everyone has all that equipment in their living room. You should have stuck with exercises between doorways and walls. I wish I could afford 20 foot walls and that piece of equipment. Did love the exercises I have access too.

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