Full Body Strength & Power Workout | Steve Weatherford & Nick Tumminello

By | 1 November 2019

Full Body Strength & Power Workout | Steve Weatherford & Nick Tumminello

Steve Weatherford performs this full-body workout that focuses on building strength and power.
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Phase 1 was all about hypertrophy, an aspect of weight lifting that keeps a lot of people coming back to the gym every day. After all, who doesn’t appreciate bigger muscles? Phase 2, however, is going to be a gut check. Instead of building muscle, the workouts now focus on building strength and power.

Many of the exercises in the True Muscle trainer are probably unfamiliar to you, and Phase 2 is no different. In fact, some of the moves you’ll be doing are going to seem flat-out bizarre! Don’t let the cute animal names fool you, though; as Steve Weatherford will attest, they’re much harder than they look.

| True Performance. True Fitness |
You’ll start on a body-part split, but progress to intense full-body training over the course of three phases. You’ll get the coaching you need to improve at classic movements, and learn some game-changing new ones. You’ll love every workout and get plenty of killer pumps along the way, but you’ll also learn a lot that will make you perform better in the weight room for years down the road.

| Expert Instruction |
Watch elite strength coach Nick Tumminello put NFL veteran Steve Weatherford through three intense workouts in real time, and soak up dozens of game-changing tips and techniques in additional video features. Want to know how to eat to back it all up? We’ll show you that, too.

| Weatherford’s Training Plan |
Steve Weatherford likes to say, “I’m not a football guy who loves fitness; I’m a fitness guy who plays football.” He was drawn into serious training by his love of moving big weights, and just as importantly, looking the part. If you want the best of both worlds, plus through-the-roof athleticism, you want True Muscle.


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It may seem appealing to make your workout routine more complicated – but does more complicated mean more effective?

In a previous video, we discussed the three criteria for strength and how to apply those to get strong.

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In this video, we discuss the four best strength exercises that fit the three criteria and therefore get us the strongest. These exercises are the squat, deadlift, press and bench press.

The simplest training program that yields the greatest strength return is the most effective.

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This is Barbell Logic, where we believe that health and fitness should be approached with simplicity, logic and reason.

We focus on strength, health & longevity. Our goal is to present strength & fitness in a systematic logical progression. This channel aims to be a breath of fresh air in the fitness industry. Our teaching methods and programming for strength are simple, hard and effective.

We will cover topics under the umbrellas of barbell training, conditioning and nutrition. We’ll show you that barbell training is for everybody.


Join us for a lifetime of success under the bar. This is the foundation of our journey together.

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41 thoughts on “Full Body Strength & Power Workout | Steve Weatherford & Nick Tumminello

  1. Bailey Vallot

    I'm in love with this trainer ! I'm taking notes! This is going to add even more dynamism to my programs for my clients. I'll definitely incorporate some of this for myself and my clients.

  2. Barbell Logic

    Don't forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button & give this video a thumbs up!

    Thanks for watching. 🙂

  3. V Garnier

    Ever since middle school, I've been active in team sports (hockey, frisbee, volleyball, etc.) or martial arts. They didn't call for much heavy weight lifting; moreso routines to support functional fitness were helpful and seemed to do the trick. Recently becoming a Firefighter, I've had to adjust my baseline fitness style and start lifting heavy weight. For about a month now, I've followed a program made by a friend and it includes all exercises mentioned here! BBL has been a great help when to me as I start (though late it seems at 33yrs old) on this hard but rewarding journey. Lastly, BIG props to whoever owns that Systematic Theology! 😉👏💪👆

  4. Pale Horse Bear

    Why the hate for the barbell row? Want an exercise for the upper body that lets you move an incredible amount of weight? Even strict rows it’s easy to move bodyweight as a beginner. If you’re willing to cheat a little you can move much more than your body weight, and as you control it on the way down you put incredible eccentric loading on the upper back and lats.

  5. Breno Pastro

    Would it be ok to do high intensity interval cardio in the very next day after doing strenght workouts?

  6. Fitness Freak

    My big 4 primary lifts are the same: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and The Press. My secondary ones are: Barbell Rows, Weighted Pull Ups, Barbell Calf Raise, and Barbell Curl. Everything else are tertiary exercises.

  7. Thomas dc

    My primary and main exercises are: squats, deadlift, bench, press, row. Additionally I also do (once a week) hamstring (RDL or curls), lat pull and face pull. Simple.

  8. sonofjay817

    I really feel rows and pullups should be added to this to balance out the two posterior chain upper body movements listed:-)

  9. junky802

    I had a back spasm at work bending over to pick up a bottle of ketchup 😑 I was 24 at the time. . . Doctor gave me and Xray and muscle relaxers. I’ve started barbell training and can feel a difference. Just a little tightness but definitely an improvement.

  10. Wowowo Rider

    Everything he said is true. But imagine your life doing those 5 main exercices each week! Getting bored? For sure. Of course being in shape and being strong seem to be unacceptable for him. Both should be good too.

  11. Andrew Cira

    I've been lifting on and off for many years until I started a program using the 4 main lifts,
    I am stronger now than ever before, best results with these simple 4 exercises.

  12. Nikola Savov

    Doing only OHP and Bench for the upper body is a recipe for a "Bro" look. With the shoulders rounded forward and pecs being tight. I really don't get how more people don't put the weighted pull up/row as a stable in their program. Even if you exclusively only do weighted pull ups and rows, you will have less imbalances than doing OHP and Bench smh…

  13. Ethan Chaney

    I feel heavy activation in my right lat during the press and bench press too sometimes, with concentration I’ve managed to feel both in the lifts. Again, it’s mainly on the overhead press I feel lat activation. Is this normal? I mean my body has already learned to activate them and I don’t really see how or why I should attempt to not feel them. But is this a side effect of my whole body working as a unit? Bc I’ll actually have and feel my lats contracting during pressing movements. My biggest concern is imbalances and my bodies tendency toward my right lat and I’d like help on evening it out.

  14. ปั้มไลค์

    Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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