Health & Fitness : How to Improve Push-Ups

By | 3 November 2019

When standard push-ups increase personal strength enough to make push-ups more difficult, a few modifications that can be done include putting the feet together and lifting one foot off of the ground. Find out how to make push-ups more challenging with help from a fitness trainer in this free video on health and staying in shape.

Expert: CarolAnn
Bio: CarolAnn has 19 years of professional fitness training experience and holds a master’s degree in exercise science and health promotion.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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32 thoughts on β€œHealth & Fitness : How to Improve Push-Ups”

  1. SteliosG

    @knopke1 well its the normal style that we do in the army.. nothing to laugh about ..

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  2. SteliosG

    i m doing push ups 1 year now every day… i cant get over 30 … now the real challenge comes.. i m going to the army in 7 days.. and i have to pass the test of the military to join special forces.. to do that.. i have to do 50 push ups there … i m going to try your method.. i hope it works.. i ll let you know πŸ˜€ ty

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  3. Ole August Zakariassen

    Military ain`t relativ. It`s physics. You`re albow can`t keep your body up and especially not if you lock it with great speed. This creats a snap-effect that can easily hurt your elbows. Once, it won`t hurt, but repeatdly extending of your arms with that amount of weight on your elbows will hurt them πŸ™‚

    Sure my spelling`s abit off at times.

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  4. Joey Williams

    Got to love how she tells us to improve by adding more when she gets nackered from one single push up. haha

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  5. Ole August Zakariassen

    This ain`t 100% correct, She locked her albowes while resting at the top. In order to maintain preassure on ur chest and avoid injuries always keep ur albow joint bent or whatever, Sorry for the misspellings, sure there are quite a few xD

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  6. The Leonidas

    Cover your mouth with your hand
    2. Make a wish
    3.Close your hand (fist)
    4. Hold your hand at heart for 5 seconds
    5. Send this to 3 more videos
    6. Tommorrow will be the best day ever
    it actually worked
    Money- you will find a wad of $200 in cash
    Love- Your crush or lover will kiss you or ask you out

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  7. Christina Bourgoin

    I absolutely do not appreciate the ads in the middle of this video. Unfortunately I don't feel comfortable using this when I'm sleeping πŸ™

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  8. Alexandra De Leon

    I love my beautiful body and every single cell in it , my body heals itself, I am so grateful to be alive… thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you peace love light and prosperity to us all

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  9. Angela Brandon

    After 2 months of listening, my eating habits have change. I eat more vegetables than sweets. My blood sugars are normalizing and I have a ten pound weight loss.

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  10. DJCHINA007

    Thank you for my healthy heart! Every day my body grows healthier and stronger!!

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  11. Ronin 90

    For anyone reading this comment this works!! Say and repeat the words in this audio as much as you can during the day and even before you sleep do this daily and watch your body heal it self !

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  12. georgette kyriakou

    I've been listening to it for the last 8 days, but suddenly it seems to me that the voice and the accent is different ! How is this possible?

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  13. Simply Me

    I needed this today. Thank you for creating this for those in need.

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  14. victoria lewis

    Every day in every way I grow healthier and stronger. I am powerful. I am unstoppable. I love my body. I give my body healthy vegetables. And keeping it hydrated with alkaline water . I am healthy . my body heals itself easily now. I am so thankful to be thank you .

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  15. Roree Tinkerbell

    I found this to be very good for listening to whilst awake, it's relaxing but when I did it before bed I found the voice pitch too irregular & especially on the 'I….' & beginning of a sentence it startled me back awake. So great for sitting or walking meditation, not so much for listening to during sleep. Otherwise great. I'd like to hear one with healthy nervous system & including all organs. Thank you though, great content & helpful.

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  16. Marion Stone

    Love your stuff but disappointed that you have adverts. How can one possibly listen to this repeat whilst falling asleep?

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  17. Real Talk

    Amazing , thank you so much for these affirmations. Big respect

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  18. Maria Gandara

    This is the second time I do this meditation. Yesterday I was in a fender bender and I came out with a slight whip lash. Thank you!

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