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By | 10 November 2019

Safe core exercises with Physical Therapist guidance to strengthen and tone your core abdominal muscles. Michelle from shows you how to do gentle core stability exercises that tone and control your lower abdomen while avoiding pelvic floor pressure.


Michelle guides you step by step through a series of floor-based core exercises, after showing you how to correctly activate your deep abdominal muscles (TA’s) along with help to know which core exercises are unsafe abdominal exercises to avoid if your pelvic floor is weak or at risk of pelvic floor injury.

These pelvic floor safe core exercises are suited to most women seeking safe core exercises with weak pelvic floor muscles, pelvic prolapse, previous prolapse surgery or hysterectomy surgery. Michelle’s Inside Out programme of exercise books and DVD’s are available from

30 Minute Dumbbell HIIT Workout - Strength and Cardio in one amazing workout

You only need 30 minutes to work every major muscle group in your body with this dumbbell HIIT workout. Shred your total body in this perfect HIIT workout with weights. 7 moves for awesome results to tone and tighten your whole body.  

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Interval training? Love it. Weightlifting? Love it even more. Interval training with weights? Maybe the best workout of all time.

If your life is anything like mine, it is all you can do to find some time during the day to workout.
Between work, kids, spouse, and trying to run a health and fitness website (okay, that last one probably only applies to me), sometimes it feels like all you can do just to find even 30 minutes to work out.
Well never fear, this workout is for you. I’ve combined a number of my favorite dumbbell exercises into high-intensity interval form to give you an amazing, total body workout with weights in only 30 minutes.
Don’t let “I don’t have the time” ruin your workout today. Elevate with intervals.

The premise behind this one is super simple… in theory.

I’ve got seven dumbbell exercises listed below. For 30 seconds, you’re going to do as many as you can, safely and with good form. 

Really try to push yourself – after all it’s only 30 seconds.

Then you’re going to take a 30-second rest afterwards before jumping into your second set of that same lift.

You’re going to perform this 30-on-30-off, four times and then move on to the next exercise.

I’ve tried to select exercises that should require about the same amount of weight so you don’t have to worry if you’ve only got one pair of dumbbells. 

After you do each one of the 7 exercises for about 4 minutes each you will have shredded your AMAZING total body HIIT with weights (trust me – if you do it right and really push yourself you will be feeling this one).


The Workout

Clean and Press

Stand and bend at the knees to grab your dumbbells from the floor, palms facing in.
Slowly straighten your knees and lift the weights straight up, keeping them close to your body. 
When the weights pass your knees, use your momentum to pull the dumbbells as high as possible. 
Rotate your elbows around and bring them under the dumbbells. Stand to full height and press the dumbbells overhead. 
Lower the weights under control and descend into a squatting position. 

Dead Lift

Stand with your feet at hip-width distance apart and knees slightly bent. 
Grab some dumbbells and hold them at your sides, palms facing the back. 
Keep your core strong and hinge at your hips to lower your dumbbells along the front of the legs. Pause when the torso is almost parallel to the floor. 
Slowly return to standing, keeping the dumbbells as close to your body as possible. 

Renegade Row (Push-Up Row)

Place 2 dumbbells at shoulder-width apart on the floor and start in high push up position holding the dumbbells.
Do a push-up.
When you come up, row one dumbbell toward your hip. Go slowly and prevent your hips from rotating.
Return the dumbbell to the floor, repeat on the opposite side. 

Overhead Squat

Stand with feet about shoulder-width apart and toes facing slightly out.
Press your dumbbells overhead.
With chest and head up, squat down and bend at the hips and knees to lower down as if sitting. Keep your knees just over your toes.
Lower until your thighs are parallel with the floor.
Straighten and stand up.
Lunges with Biceps Curl (alternating)

Start in a standing position- holding dumbbells in each hand, palms facing in.
Step forward on one leg and drop your weight straight down, keeping your knee just above the toe.
Drop until your thigh is parallel to the ground and your opposite knee almost touches the floor.
Come straight back up.

Arnold press

Sit or stand and hold dumbbells in each hand in front of you at shoulder height, palms facing your body and elbows bent next to your torso. 
Raise the dumbbells while simultaneously rotating them to make the palms of your hands face forward. 
Lift the dumbbells until your arms are extended straight above you. 
Slowly begin to lower the dumbbells and rotate your palms toward you again. 
Goblet Squats
Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell and hold it with both hands at chest level, palms facing up.
Squat down like you are sitting- bend at the hips and knees to lower down. Keep your knees above your toes.
Lower until your thighs are parallel with the floor.
Straighten and stand up.
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42 thoughts on “Pelvic Floor Safe Core Exercises | Physio Safe Core Exercises Video

  1. Bozzzzzz007

    Hell Michelle , does this help with internal Hemorrhoids? I've looked all over for a treatment. Thank you.

  2. nimbustuba

    Are these good exercises for hypertonic pelvic floor muscles? Any core exercises I’ve tried usually trigger horrible cramping.

  3. gurmeet kaur

    I am 29 and got endometriotic surgery 2 yrs back because i was suffering from severe pain in my lower abdomen in both right and left ovary and then they removed cyst through lazer. After tht pain disappered completly now when i try to go gym doing some cardio like cycling and runnig my pain gets back in my lower abdomen. Can you suggest me which excerciaea i shouldnt do?

  4. Eddie Lola

    I’m 15 and I’m pretty sure I have a rectocele since I have been suffering with constipation my whole life, when I do go to the toilet it use to bleed a lot and would fill the water.I don’t know what to do since I’d find it awkward to visit the doctor and tell them it’s bulging into my vagina. It gives me a lot of pain and hassle since I can go days without for a poo. Also it’s making me worried for my future since I read it can affect you in many ways, it has also made me nervous to get into any relationship since I feel embarrassed to ever have sex since it is bulging into it. I read surgery is necessary (since it’s bulging a lot not just a bit). However I have my exams soon for school my final ones that I can’t miss and time out of school will affect my grades. I really have no clue what to do since it’s affecting me everyday. Any advice?

  5. Dana Free

    Thanks for these exercises Michelle. Love that there is a routine that is safe and effective for prolapse sufferers!

  6. Ali Bierman

    Thank you so much for your informative video. I was about to see a doctor and I avoid doctors at all costs! 17 years post-hysterectomy I suddenly have a prolapsed vagina. ARGH! I was pretty sure it was weak pelvic floor muscles and had no idea why it took 17 years to happen and then I saw this video. Oh my! Some of the exercises I do may have caused this issue. I have been doing those exercises for over two years so I am not sure why I have the issue now. I do know to stop those particular workouts and check out your programs.

  7. Rekha.B Rekha.B

    Hi madam myomectomy operation was done for me for fibroid, it's done for me in June 2018, exactly 1 year gone, shall i do this excersie now is that helpful for me or not please reply me madam, I'm 26 unmarried, open surgery is done for me,I feel so worried after that operation, after that operation my body is very painful and i got back pain after that operation so I can't do my works also i feel so tired always, please reply me please madam

  8. Ash Qr

    I have muscle weakness on the side area specifically where the love handles are , would that be good for that

  9. ewetoob blowes

    This is a good workout. I primarily do full body with combo moves with a timer so this is right in line with my philosophy. I changed the overhead squat press to air squat pull-ups to protect my back and to get shoulder/lat pulls involved. If you put 60 seconds rest between the exercise groups you get 30 minutes. I put this in my Seconds Pro app and will throw it into my rotation.


    Ps. Check those Arnold presses. I learned them differently. Rotate as you go up and come down. Palms face chest ‘ then outward at top. Cheers!

  10. david kennedy

    Presumably you can come up with your own 7 compound exercises or substitute some of yours if a particular exercise proves problematic i.e., injury. Some of these may prove difficult for those with shoulder impingement esp the overhead press ones. Making sure of course you cover all the muscle groups.

  11. Douglas Bates

    Great workout! I had a SLAP tear about 5 years ago and as long as I don't go heavy, I'm good. I would love to see more of these. Also, I don't know if anyone told you or you found out yourself, but the Arnold Press was actually developed by Arnold Schwartzenegger and that is how it got its name. He talks about it in his book "Schwartzenegger's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding." It was my go to book when I was in my 20s.

  12. Ourdeen Islam

    Did this in the morning and still feeling it. My first time on this channel and looking forward to more workouts 🏋️‍♀️. Thanks 😊 🙏

  13. Eduard Worst

    a heart palpitating workout for sure and very good. Nearly killed me the 1st time through , I had to stop about halfway through and pick it up again only to stop once more ( I'm 70) Today I smartened up and performed 3 x 30 instead of 4 x 30 and made it through. I also thought of slowing down the whole video (in the settings,could be good for learning the form) and doing the reps a bit slower…thanks for a great workout 🙂

  14. Dodadeus

    EXACTLY what i need! I was looking for something to complement my body weight intense cardio exercises and this is good.

  15. Ja'Nae Lindsey

    I swear I wanted to quit, but you got me through it. This was easy enough for beginners like me but hard enough to get you sweating like crazy!!

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