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Tuesday – Legs | BULK | Mass Building Program | Guru Mann | Health & Fitness

Presenting Fourth video of Chests & Biceps from the latest program Bulk designed & Created by Guru Mann. BULK WORKOUT SPLIT:- ——————————- Monday – Chest & Biceps Tuesday – Legs Wednesday – Shoulders & Traps Thursday – Arms Friday – Cardio & Abs Saturday – Back & Triceps ———————————————– WORKOUT & NUTRITION PDF http://www.gurumann.com/BULK_Workout_and_Nutrition_Plan_by_Guru_Mann.pdf ———————————————————-… Read More »

Leg Strength Training For Runners | How To Build Strong Legs

In this video we give you our best leg strength training for runners. We show you how to build strong legs for longer, faster running using two simple movements in combination for a tough, effective workout! Looking for a good spot to workout in San Francisco, CA? Check out Midline Training Studio! http://www.midlinestudio.com/Home.html And be… Read More »