How ‘Fitness’ Damaged my Health for Years

By | 13 July 2020

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I’ve been thinking about who I let influence me for years, and now why I turn down so many fitness brands. This is a lot about my story, but I still see a lot of the same behaviours happening in the industry and I think we should talk about it.

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Welcome to my blog site on Health and fitness. I am not a fitness guru, just an ordinary person who, after a bout of bad health realised that there is huge benefits to becoming and staying healthy. Follow along as i go about putting together the best advice and tips that i can give you. You never know we might become friends! Your tips and comments most welcome either on the contact page or direct into the comments section. Stay healthy!

20 thoughts on “How ‘Fitness’ Damaged my Health for Years

  1. Allura Grim

    You’re so inspirational and such a good influence. Don’t stop with the videos

  2. Clair Brett

    It's amazing how many times you make me emotional watching your videos. I've been in that dark place (without the physique, admittedly) and I am SO proud of you for getting out of it, and doing your own thing to become who you are. I just wanna give you a giant bear hug, and say that you are absolutely killing it, and I find every video of you (and Mario) inspirational xx

  3. Priyanka Mishra

    I am so glad I found you. You have changed my life by changing my perspective.

  4. Sund00d

    Wow those instagram videos with Natacha and Whitney are almost terrifyingly in sync

  5. YuWei Tan

    Best fitness content ever. Agree completely. Everyone is looking for that secret recipe that doesn't exist. Its just hard work and discipline.

  6. willow glorieux

    Man I js subscribed to her today and I’ve never felt so supported and guided, shes like the older sister I nvr had ❤️

  7. a k

    Loved the video! Quick question, is it okay to eat less than your supposed to eat a day? Some days I don’t seem to be that hungry so I don’t hit my calorie goal. (This is like once a week or less).

  8. Michelle G

    This is truly needed, specially more and more young people got influenced by social media so much nowdays without knowing what they are going to pay back for. Thank you and looking forward to more on this topic.

  9. acidceed

    been eating 900 cals recently coz nothing is working. and I'm worried about how that will affect me. asked my doc to connect me to a dietitian but yeah.. it's hard when regular diet doesnt give any results

  10. Beautiful Brittney

    I realy liked this video. Just started following you, and I've been going through my own fitness journey. It really awesome to see your story and life chioces. I believe its also been very helpful to me. So thank you hope to see more great videos.

  11. Maria Jaspersen

    I needed this conversation, thanks 💕

  12. Kate Apted

    Oh dear girl! You wasted just three years? Consider that a blessing. I watch women my age STILL eating low fat high carb and thinking a treadmill run is how they can get fit. They do not have the years left ahead of them to rectify all the damage they accrued.

    Since the early 80s, women were told to get plastic surgery, diet on artificial sweetners and stick to cardio. That was health advice pre internet. That was 30 years ago. Things are significantly better for young women. Thanks to women like you.

  13. Robert Crawford III Wilson

    I would give this 1,000 likes. Sadly, out society pushes people out who recognizes these things at a young age as 'weirdos,' 'uncool' and/or 'nerds.'

    There's something decidedly unsexy about being untrendy and scientific.

    The challenge will be making scientific sexy. That's the way to win over people.

  14. Elisa Castillo

    Honestly thank God I came across with Natacha, you've changed my view on sport and nutrition when I was going down on a spiral… thank you so much for everything

  15. Nikki A

    This was my favorite message in the fitness industry. It’s So much more than aesthetics, it’s mind body and soul and how we inhabit, have fun in and enjoy our bodies not just how we look ❤️

  16. Georga Pead

    This really hit home, thank you so much for sharing. I've been binge watching/listening for 2 weeks whilst working from home. You've helped me so much, thanks you ❤️


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