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Do These 4 Stretches EVERY Day – Stretches For Seniors

Advertisements Do These 4 Stretches Every Day – Make sure you’re doing these 4 stretches daily to improve your posture and prevent hip, back, knee, neck and shoulder pain. Try this 4-Minute Daily Stretching Routine For Seniors. For the Warm-Up Video: Seated Warm-Up: https://youtu.be/b2DYU7ZQgN0 To help you on your journey to improved health and fitness,… Read More »

Physical Therapy Exercises for Seniors: Ball Exercises – 24Hr HomeCare

Advertisements 24Hr HomeCare and licensed physical therapist, Dr. Steve Sudell Jr., have partnered up to bring you a demonstration of fitness ball exercises for seniors. These exercises consist of leg kicks, curl ups and weight training. 24Hr HomeCare is one of the largest, most trusted home care companies in California, serving thousands of clients daily.… Read More »

Feet Exercises For Seniors + 2 Tips to Keep Your Feet Functioning Well (11 Minutes)

Advertisements FEET EXERCISES FOR SENIORS // SIMPLE FEET EXERCISES When it comes to exercising our feet, unless we have pain in our feet or undertake in a hobby or sport which requires we do exercises, they’re not usually a part of the body we think about exercising. When we exercise our feet we can keep… Read More »